[Nahuatl] Difficult words

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[Nahuatl] Difficult words

Postby Flack » 2011-07-08, 11:47

Hi! I've always wanted to learn Nahuatl. I've been gathering needed materials (and it is quite hard in Central Europe, where I live) for 3 years and now finally I can start to study :) Therefore I hope this forum will help me to overcome any obstacle I would come across with.
And I've got first question about some names of the daily used items. Is there any word for "radiator" in Nahuatl? Because I can't find any equivalent in my Eng-Nah. dictionary and the dictionaries in the Internet.

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Re: Difficult words

Postby VacalleroRealV » 2011-07-23, 23:01

Well as for the word Radiator, I can't seem to find it either. But if you really need the word, you can always reverse engineer the word and find it's etymology and build the word in Nahuatl, or jsut use the Spanish word for radiator (Radiador) if you're in a pinch.

Not to worry most modern words have a Nahuatl equivalent ex Bicycle = Omemalacatl or Omalacatl. Well that's all I have for you, good luck!

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