Nahuatl Glyphs?

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Nahuatl Glyphs?

Postby VacalleroRealV » 2010-10-01, 1:11

Hello there new here.
Hola, soy nuevo aqui.

Hey I have been wondering about the old writing system of the Mexica, does anyone know how it worked exactly? From what I see, I am wondering if it works like Chinese characters, since I heard when it was used different pictograms? were used.

So if anyone can help. thanks, do I post that here or in the Script section?

ᖽᔦᐡᖹᒉᔪ, ᖱᑊᖿᖾᒳᖷ᙮
That's it, the end.
Eso es todo, fin.
Tio estas tio, jen fino.

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