Another Question on Quechua

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Another Question on Quechua

Postby lhpszpt » 2009-01-17, 0:41

I am writing a thesis on the possessive numerals connectors in the world. I know in Quechua "yuq" has that function. It is a possessive word. It can also be used like this:
“cunka ukni- yuq” (ten one-having)
My questioin is: can "yuq" be used as a conjunction? For example, if I say "two boys and three girls" or "you and me", can I use "yuq" to express "and"?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Another Question on Quechua

Postby Yono » 2020-03-03, 19:20

A better translation for -yoq / -yuq would be "with ...", for example: "wawayoq warmi" means: "a woman who has a child", but literally it could be translated: "a woman with a child".
It cannot be used as a conjunction in the examples you mention, for that type of cases use the suffix -nti or -wan.
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