Translation of the word “perseverance” in Inuktitut

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Translation of the word “perseverance” in Inuktitut

Postby ZaneYates » 2018-09-02, 17:01

Hello. For the majority of my life, I would say, I have been interested in the Arctic, and by extension, the Inuit, especially the Inuktitut language. With this said, I want the first tattoo I get to be the word “perseverance” in Inuktitut (written with syllabics), but, despite the fact that I have combed the Internet, looking through Inuktitut-English resources I managed to dig up, I was unable to come across a translation for “perseverance” in Inuktitut. Does anybody know what the translation is for this word in Inuktitut, paticularly written with syllabics as opposed to Latin script? Thank you.

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