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Postby Egein » 2004-12-05, 5:35

Inuktitut puzzles me.
I have no clue on how it works.
There is nowhere a grammar to be find on the whole world wide web as far as I know.

Has anyone got any concrete knowledge of the language and would like to share it?

I know it's polysynthetic, and that plural is partialy made by adding -t.

Please enlighten my ignorance!

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Postby bluechiron » 2004-12-05, 15:32

Well, I honestly know nothing about it. But after doing a search I found:

this one has some sound files. They have more on the main page:

And a short course:
And this one talks about morphology:

It also looks like there are a good number of books and courses available for sale.

Hope that helps.
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Postby zhigulionthevolga » 2004-12-08, 7:47

I don't speak Inuktitut but I do have the Arctic college textbooks, so if you have any specific questions just post them here.


Postby zhigulionthevolga » 2004-12-08, 7:52

Also take a look at the affix-list at this site:

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