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razlem - Mobilian Jargon

Posted: 2013-11-10, 23:41
by razlem
Using this thread as a notebook for the Powwow and for updates on the restoration/documentation project :)

1. Phonemic Inventory
2. Stress/Tone
3. Vowel/Consonant Length
4. Compounding

1. Obligatory subject markers (or at least, much more prevalent than Cho/Chi)
2. Various affixes

1. OSV
2. Variations

Re: razlem - Mobilian Jargon

Posted: 2013-11-16, 21:59
by Alluns
I'm glad you are doing this. I have been very interested in Mobilian Jargon as well. What sort of resources are available out there to learn this language?

Re: razlem - Mobilian Jargon

Posted: 2013-11-19, 21:19
by razlem
Currently in the process of obtaining an English manuscript which documented the language in 1862. Hopefully after that I can get a hold of the grammatical aspects and start producing texts.

Re: razlem - Mobilian Jargon

Posted: 2014-01-23, 17:45
by razlem
Unfortunately the process of data gathering has been reduced to a snail's pace. I'm not much farther along than I was a couple months ago -.-