Halfdan - Inuktitut

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Halfdan - Inuktitut

Postby Halfdan » 2013-10-14, 19:16

So, this is where I intend to post my progress in Inuktitut for the Powwow, as well as further study in the language. At the moment I only have one resource, but it seems to be a good one. I think I'll be focusing on Inuktitut's South Qikiqtaaluk dialect (spoken in the capital region in the south of Baffin Island) mostly because that is the only dialect that the aforementioned course has audio for (though the other dialects are still very well represented on the site).

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Re: Halfdan - Inuktitut

Postby księżycowy » 2013-10-14, 20:36

Yeah, Tusaalanga is an awesome site!
I might go through a few of those other dialects after I revisit my Iñupiaq studies (someday).

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Re: Halfdan - Inuktitut

Postby Halfdan » 2013-11-03, 18:45

Okay, so I think I'll start off with the sounds and orthography.
The standard latin alphabet in Nunavut is known as Inuujingajut.
There are three vowels. They can be short or long. Long vowels are represented in writing by a doubling of the vowel:


As for consonants:
voiceless stops: p /p/, t /t/, k /k/, and q /q/ are unaspirated.
voiceless fricatives: s /s/ and ł /ɬ/. (though /ł/ is sometimes written as <&> or <l>.)
then there's v /v/, l /l/, j /j/, g /g/, and r /ɢ/. (the /ɢ/ is a voiced uvular stop. It doesn't seem to be too difficult to reproduce, but is nonetheless unique.)
nasals: m /m/, n /n/, and ng /ŋ/ (geminated ng is written nng).

I find the orthography (and sounds) to be very straight forward.

I won't be using the Inuktitut syllabary much, but here it is for reference. (Note: a dot is placed over the syllable to represent a long vowel):


Hope I didn't miss anything. :)

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