Bijlee- Kalaallisut


Bijlee- Kalaallisut

Postby Bijlee » 2013-02-04, 21:00

Alright, I'll start up my thread now. I'm going to be using all the files from.... (Thank you juicypuffin :) )
I think I'm mostly going to be looking at the grammars and Qaagit and Grönländisch Wort für Wort. Hopefully I'll be able to get past the Danish in Qaagit. I think I'll do alright reading German for Wort für Wort at least.

I've been doing some dabbling the past two weeks, but I don't really have anything to say here yet, so I'll get to it soon :mrgreen:


Re: Bijlee- Kalaallisut

Postby Bijlee » 2013-02-08, 0:26

I have been doing those structure things posted here! Very useful! I don't like that Qaagit book. Too confusing. I also read some of the beginning of Wort für Wort.

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