Lakota Summer Institute

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Lakota Summer Institute

Postby hrhenry » 2013-01-23, 15:43

Don't know if anyone is interested and will be in North Dakota in June, but there will be a Lakota language camp of sorts for adults, mainly aimed at Lakota educators. But there are courses for all levels, and there doesn't actually seem to be a requirement that attendees be teachers.

The web page and info are here: ... ID=1150442

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Re: Lakota Summer Institute

Postby Kaylee » 2013-02-16, 5:49

Ah man, I wish I was in North Dakota and had the money to take part in. I simply adore Lakhota. :(

If anyone here went or goes to this, please tell us about your experiance! It would be cool to hear about it. :)
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