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Re: Eskimo-Aleut Media

Postby ffrench » 2012-06-12, 20:46
Tanya Tagaq is probably the most famous Inuit throat singer, having worked with Björk and won two Juno Awards for the Aboriginal recording of the year.

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Re: NAIL Media

Postby Kaylee » 2012-06-18, 23:21

I wanted to share this video here with everything. I thought it was really, really peaceful and beautiful. :doggy: It doesn't have "lyrics" in it, but I hope this is welcomed nonetheless?

And I found "Amazing Grace" in Cherokee. It sounds so beautiful. :)

Besides music, I found a show called The Berenstain Bears that is translated into Lakota. It is pretty good for trying to improve on how to say the sounds etc etc...or so I think. :blush:
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Re: Eskimo-Aleut Media

Postby limoneneis » 2012-12-16, 12:58


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Re: NAIL Media

Postby Bingles » 2014-08-28, 18:31

There's How To videos for Parents on TVO Parents in Cayuga and Mohawk, it's really awesome actually. If anybody's learning these languages this may be of a lot of help with pronounciation and stuff,



Have fun! I'm forever searching for Cayuga resources if anybody could find any!
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Re: NAIL Media

Postby Karavinka » 2017-11-22, 22:06

Media goes a bit beyond YouTube, so I'll throw this in here. It's a video game, with the narration in Iñupiat. The game's storyline is inspired by an Iñupiat story, and it's developed in collaboration with the people themselves. As a bonus, extra collectibles in the game unlock mini documentaries and interviews with the people. The game isn't perfect, but is quite forgiving in terms of the difficulty.

Spoiler alert: All cutscenes.
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Re: NAIL Media

Postby księżycowy » 2017-11-22, 22:10

Wow, that is awesome! Thanks Karavinka! :D

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