Could anyone get Greenlandic magazines/kid's books/flyers?

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Could anyone get Greenlandic magazines/kid's books/flyers?

Postby juicypuffin » 2011-07-24, 14:11

Hi, basically I'm looking for more resources for Greenlandic, especially those that you can only find in Greenland. Stuff with more simple language would be best - I'm especially interested in recipes (here, sometimes in the store there's free flyers with recipes using store products. Something like that would be great), receipts, tickets, knitting/craft recipes, really young children's books, (or grammar/learning books that you can't buy online) If it's all in Danish I suppose there's no helping it though.

What I've found so far:
Kalaallisut 2002 magazine archives:
Suluk magazine two:
Suluk three:
Brugseni (this one looks like a grocery flyer):
Nuuk Ugeavis magazine collection:

If there's anything else you could get, just mention it and I might want it. All I've found in Iceland with Greenlandic is two yeast packets and some books in Danish, hahah.
If you have any learning resources for the following languages, please tell me:
[flag]kl[/flag] [flag]is[/flag] [flag]fo[/flag] [flag]fi[/flag] [flag]sv[/flag] [flag]no[/flag] [flag]dk[/flag] And any Saami languages: [flag]smi[/flag]

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