Pokemon in Greenlandic!

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Pokemon in Greenlandic!

Postby juicypuffin » 2011-06-24, 18:24

Hey, I can easily do text edits of the gameboy advance pokemon games, and I know there's probably no video games out there in Greenlandic, so does anyone want to translate it? I'd provide you with the text and I'd do the text insertion, all you'd need to do would be the translation.

I can do this for any other language too, if you want to see it in another language you know.

At this tumblr is examples of the text, and example translations (Danish is one of them). There's an alternate version of the text in some cases, obviously you can translate either one and you don't have to be super-exact: http://mynameisoak.tumblr.com/post/6763 ... oaks-intro

I can do the insertion as soon as I have the translations, so the speed of the project depends on the translator(s)!
If you have any learning resources for the following languages, please tell me:
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