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Postby terianniaq » 2015-11-15, 23:41

Koko wrote:Tanisi kikiskeyihtamon Greenland-win?
How are you learning Greenlandic?
(I could not find any place names in Cree, so I just added -win, the suffix to make verbs nouns, to Greenland :whistle: )

Sisamanik atuagaqarpunga, "Grønlandsk for begyndere I", "Grønlandsk for begyndere II"-lu, "West Greenlandic Descriptive Grammar"-lu, "A Grammar of Kalaallisut"-lu ateqarput, nittartakkattaaq atorpakka, s.i. ilinniusiorfik oqaaserpassualeriffik-lu.
I have four books, called [....], and I also use websites such as Ilinniusiorfik and Oqaaserpassualeriffik.

Skrivningi qaquguluunniit suliffeqanngilara, erniinnarlu assut taamaaliussaanga. :mrgreen:
I don't ever practice writing, but soon I will start to do so a lot.

Cree-oqaasii soqutiginartoq eqqarsarpara, allattaasialu assut kusanarsoraa! Qanoq Cree-oqaasii illit ilinniarpa?
I think Cree is an interesting language, and its orthography seems pretty! (Latin and syllabic, but I'm not even going to try and translate that :nope: ) How are you[i/] learning Cree?

I think [i]Cree
should really be spelled Crii but I'm not really sure how strict the spelling rules are in regard to foreign words :mrgreen:

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Re: NAIL Multilingual Thread

Postby Koko » 2015-11-16, 9:08

[flag=]cr[/flag] Ninêhiyawêwikiskêyihtamon asici mîn âwa. Nipokonitopahtwân pîkiskwewinisa. :lol:
I'm learning Cree with […] and [this]. I just look up words.

(So sad there's no advanced Cree learners here. I really need somebody to help me :cry: )

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Re: NAIL Multilingual Thread

Postby vijayjohn » 2016-03-17, 8:13

:( [flag=Lnuismk ("Micmac")]mic[/flag] Meske'k.
Bingles wrote:[flag=]cay[/flag]Vijayjohn

Ahsęh nigagǫ’ degade̱hnǫ’de:, nędini:s?
I have 3 siblings, you?

Aen gros frayr ndayaw. :?:
I have one older brother.

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