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Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-05, 12:47
by księżycowy
This is the resource list for all the languages of indigenous North America I (and others) could find. It's quite a list.

If you're looking for anything in particular just use the search function for the thread (or your browser). It may not have what you're looking for, so be warned! Also, as can be imagined, I do not have most of these (ones I personally have/are using/have used are marked with an :arrow: ), thus I can not attest to the material contained in all of these, sorry. Buy at your own risk! Though I'd be more then happy to give my impressions of resources I do have. :wink:

I have also added links to forums both here at Unilang, and a few others from elsewhere on the web where you can get further help from people.

If any links or products are unavailable please post in this thread or PM me so I can either fix or remove the link. And if you want anything added to the list post in this thread or PM me. Web resources can just be posted like normal in this thread. Due to the nature to the thread/forum, please be as descriptive as possible, stating at least the language and language family the resource is in/about if possible. Thanks.

Things will continue to be added, so keep checking back! 8-)

Languages are listed alphabetically by language family then by individual languages (which are in bold font):

Several different fonts and keyboards for a bunch of N.A. languages are available here.

Multiple Language Families:

Alaskan Languages:
[A pdf repository with several resources, on all Alaskan languages, not just Eskimo-Aleut]

Ontario Canada Native Language Support Documents: ... elang.html
[Contains some reference grammars for Iroquoian and Algonquian languages]

Plains Languages:
[A store that sells textbooks and other materials for Siouan, Caddoan, and Muskogean languages. Most of their materials (as of 12/14/2017) are for Siouan languages.]

Individual Language Families:
  • Arapaho
  1. Conathan, Lisa - Arapaho Dictionary [pdf/online]
  2. Cowell, Andrew; et al - Arapaho Historical Traditions (a reader) [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Cowell, Andrew; et al - Modern Arapaho Naratives (a reader) [Buy]
  4. Cowell, Andrew; et al - The Arapaho Language (a reference grammar) [Buy 1|2]
  5. Cowell, Andrew; et al - Let's Learn Arapaho [Buy|pdf:Lessons|Answer Key|online w/audio]
  6. Cowell, Andrew; et al - The Arapaho Language Project [online]
  • Blackfoot
  1. Frantz, Donald - Blackfoot Dictionary [Buy]
  2. Frantz, Donald - Blackfoot Grammar [Buy]
  3. Holterman, Jack - Nizi Puh Wah Sin Amskapi Pikuni (Blackfoot Lessons) [pdf:Lessons|Other resources]
  4. Holterman, Jack - Blackfoot - English Dictionary [online]
    [Note: Not complete]
  5. ___ - Online Blackfoot Lessons [online]
  6. ___ - Online Blackfoot Lessons [online]
  • Cheyenne
  1. Fisher, Louise; et al - Cheyenne Dictionary [Buy|email]
  2. Leman, Wayne, et al. - Cheyenne Language Website [online]
  3. Risingsun, Ted and Leman, Wayne - Let's Talk Cheyenne [email/mail:1|2|download]
  • Cree (Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi)
  1. Edwards, Mary - Cree: An Intensive Language Course [Buy]
  2. :arrow: Ellis, C.D. - Spoken Cree [Buy/Audio/Online Dictionary]
  3. Okimasis, Jean and Ratt, Soloman - Cree, Language of the Plains [Buy]
  4. ___ - Cree Dictionary [online]
  5. ___ - East Cree - English - French Dictionary [online]
  6. ___ - Innu-Aimun Language Project - [online]
    [Has a lot of resources available, including a textbook, dictionaries, and stories, both online and in print.]
  • Delaware/Lenape/Unami
  1. ___ - Lenape Talking Dictionary [online]
  2. ___ - Lenape Language Resources [pdf/online]
  • Gros Ventre
  1. Cowell, Andrew - Gros Verde Student's Reference Grammar Vol I [pdf]
    [Also contains the Student Dictionary and a few other language resources.]
  • Mikmaq
  1. Delisle, Gilles and Metallic, Manny - Micmac: A Teaching Grammar [pdf]
  2. Tertius Rand, Silas - English-Micmac Dictionary [Buy]
  3. ___ - Micmac Talking Dictionary [online]
  4. ___ - Aboriginal Language Initiative [online]
  5. ___ - Mi'gmaq Language Wiki [online]
  • Mohegan
  1. ___ - Mohegan Language Project (Lessons, grammar, dictionary/phrasebook) [online]
  • Nipmuck
  1. Hassanamisco Indian Museum - Nipmuck Unnontoowaonk [pdf/audio]
    [Basically a phrasebook/textbook with audio]
  • Ojibwe
  1. Beardy, Tom - Introductory Ojibwe [Buy]
    [Search for 'Ojibwe.' Also has Intermediate and Advanced Ojibwe]
  2. Corbiere, Mary Ann - Intoduction to Ojibwe [Buy|Email]
    [Also has Intermediate and Advanced Ojibwe. Email Linguistics Department for more info.]
  3. Nichols, John and Nyholm, Earl - A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe [Buy]
  4. Ningewance, Patrica - Speaking Gookom's Language: Learning Ojibwe [Buy]
  • Quiripi
  1. Thunderhorse, Iron - The Complete Guide for Learning, Speaking, and Writing the PEA-A Wampano-Quiripi R-Dialect [Buy]
  • Yurok
  1. ___ - The Yurok Project [online]

  • Apache
  1. Bray, Dorothy; et al. - Western Apache Dictionary [Buy]
  2. Burke, Sean; et al. - Dictionary of Jicarilla Apache [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Martine, Rita and Wilson, Alan - Jicarilla Apache Textbook [Buy]
  4. :arrow: Reuse, Willem - A Practical Grammar Of San Carlos Apache [Buy: 1|2]
  • Dena'ina
  1. Boraas, Alan; et al - Dena'ina Language Home Page (Grammar/Lessons/Stories w/audio) [online]
  2. Kari, James - Dena'ina Qenaga Duch'duldih (Dena'ina Athabaskan Junior Dictionary) [Buy|pdf]
  3. Kari, James; et al - Introduction to Dena'ina Grammar [pdf]
  4. ___ - Dena'ina Qenaga (Lessons/Language Materials) [online]
  • Dogrib
  1. ___ - Tlicho Tribal website [online/pdf]
    [Has two dictionaries and one textbook for sale and in pdf form]
  2. ___ - Dogrib Online Dictionary [online]
  • Hupa
  1. Golla, Victor - Hupa Language Dictionary [pdf]
  2. Golla, Victor - Now You're Speaking Hupa [pdf]
  • Kaska
  1. ___ - Kaska Language Website [online]
  • Koyukon
  1. Attla, Marjorie; et al - Spoken Koyukon [pdf]
  2. Henry, David C.; et al - Dinaak'a (Our Language) Dictionary [pdf]
  3. Jones, Eliza - Junior Dictionary for Central Koyukon Athabaskan [Buy|pdf]
  4. Jones, Eliza - Koyukon Language Curriculum: Scope and Sequence (Textbook) [Buy|pdf: 1|2]
  5. Kari, James - Koyukon Language Lessons ["f.03Kari" pdf]
  6. Kari, James; et al - Upper Koyukon Lessons (w/audio) - [pdf]
  7. Kwaraceius, Joe; et al - Dinaakkenaage' - Kuyukon Grammar [Buy|"jones-kwaraceius-1997-koyukon_grammar" pdf]
  8. Thompson, Chad L.; et al - Dinaakk'a for Children [pdf]
  • Navajo
  1. ____ - New Mexico Digital Navajo Collection [online]
    [Mostly readers and stories.]
  2. Blair, Robert - Navaho Basic Course [pdf]
  3. :arrow: Goossen, Irvy - Diné Bizaad: Speak, Read, Write Navajo [Buy]
  4. Faltz, Leonard - The Navajo Verb: A Grammar For Students and Scholars [Buy]
  5. Neundorf, Alyse - A Navajo/English Bilingual Dictionary: Alchini Bi Naaltsoostsoh [Buy]
  6. :arrow: Parsons-Yazzie, Evangeline and Speas, Margaret - Diné Bizaad Bínáhoo’aah: Rediscovering The Navajo Language [Buy]
  7. :arrow: Wilson, Alan - Breakthrough Navajo [Buy]
  8. :arrow: Wilson, Alan - Speak Navajo: An Intermediate Text [Buy]
  • Tsuut'ina/Sarcee
  1. ___ - Nanagusja: A Tsuut'ina (Sarcee) Language Development Program [pdf: Units|Teacher's Book]

Caddoan [See also: "Plains Languages" entry above]
  • Arikara
  1. Parks, Douglas - Introduction to the Arikara Language [pdf]
    [Note: Some pages unreadable]

  1. Granberry, Julian - Speaking Sitimaxa Vols. 1-3 [Buy:1|2]

  • Aleut
  1. :arrow: Berge, Anna, et al. - The Way We Talk in the Pribilofs [Buy: 1|2]
  2. :arrow: Berge, Anna and Dirks, Moses - How The Atkans Talk: A Conversational Aleut Grammar [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Bergsland, Knut - Aleut Dictionary [Buy]
  4. :arrow: Bergsland, Knut - Aleut Grammar [Buy]
  • Alutiiq
  1. Leer, Jeff - A Conversational Dictionary of Kodiak Alutiiq [Buy|pdf]
  2. Leer, Jeff and Zeedar, Nina - A Classroom Grammar of Kodiak Alutiiq [Buy]
  • Greenlandic/Kalaallisut (thanks to limoneneis)
  1. Hertling, Birgitte & Heilmann, Pia Rosing - Qaagit [Buy]
  2. Bjørnum, Stig - Grønlandsk grammatik [Buy]
  3. Brochmann, Helene - Qanoq 1- Opgave- og Grammatikbog [Buy]
  4. Pedersen, Keld Thor - Grønlandsk for begyndere [Buy: 1|2]
  • Inuktitut
  1. ____ - Inuktitut Lessons [Online]
  • Inupiaq
  1. :arrow: MacLean, E. - Abridged Iñupiaq and English Dictionary [Buy]
  2. MacLean, E - Iñupiaq to English Dictionary [Buy 1|2]
    [This is the unabridged version of the Iñupiaq dictionary]
  3. :arrow: MacLean, E. - North Slope Inupiaq Dialogues [Buy|pdf]
  4. :arrow: MacLean, E. - North Slope Inupiaq Grammar [First Year|Second Year: Buy|pdf]
  • Yupik (Central Alaskan and Siberian)
  1. :arrow: Jacobson, Steven - A Practical Grammar of Central Alaskan Yup'ik [Buy]
  2. :arrow: Jacobson, Steven - A Practical Grammar of Siberian Yupik [Buy]
  3. Jacobson, Steven - St. Lawrence Island -- Siberian Yupik Dictionary [Buy]
  4. :arrow: Jacobson, Steven - Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary [Buy]
  5. :arrow: Jacobson, Anna and Jacobson, Steven - Yup'ik Phrase and Conversation Lessons [Buy]
  6. Reed, Irine; et al - Yupik Eskimo Grammar [pdf]

  1. Enrico, John - Haida Dictionary Vols. 1&2 [Buy|pdf]
  2. Lachler, Jordan; et al. - Dictionary of Alaskan Haida [Buy|pdf]
  3. Lawrence, Erma - Alaskan Haida Phrasebook [Buy]
  4. Sealaska Heritage Institute - [online]
    [Have resources, both in book and pdf form, for Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian]
  5. ___ - Haida Language Blog - [online]
    [Has a few different resources for learning Haida, including a dictionary and grammar.]

Iroquoian (Cherokee Forum)
  • Cayuga
  1. :arrow: Henry, Reginald and Marianne Mithun - Watęwayęstanih: A Cayuga Teaching Grammar [Buy: email]
  2. :arrow: Froman, Frances; et al - Cayuga Dictionary [Buy:1|2]
  3. ___ - Cayuga: Our Oral Legacy - [online]
    [A language website that has many language resources in one place, plus other Cayuga related projects.]
  • Cherokee
  1. Cherokee Nation [online]
    [Has language resources in pdf and video format]
  2. Castiglioni, Luigi - Vocabulary of Cherokee [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Feeling, Durbin - Cherokee - English Dictionary [Buy]
  4. Joyner, Micheal - Cherokee Lessons [Buy/pdf/audio]
  5. :arrow: Holmes, Ruth and Smith, Betty - Beginning Cherokee [Buy:1| 2|audio]
  6. Montgomery-Anderson, Brad - A Reference Grammar of Oklahoma Cherokee [pdf| buy]
  • Mohawk
  1. :arrow: Deering, Nora and Harries-Delisle Helga - Mohawk: A Teaching Grammar [Buy]
  2. :arrow: Horne, Josephine, et al. - Kanien'kéha’ Okara’shón:’a (Mohawk Stories) [Buy|pdf
    [Note: Uses old orthography]
  3. :arrow: Horne, Josephine - Iakorihonnien:nis (Mohawk phrasebook) [Buy]
  4. :arrow: Maracle, David - Kenyen'keha Tewatati: Let's Speak Mohawk [Buy]
  5. :arrow: Maracle, David - One Thousand Useful Mohawk Words [Buy]
  6. Mithun, M., et al. - Iontenwennweienstahkwa' Mohawk Spelling Dictionary [pdf]
    [Note: Uses old orthography]
  7. ___ - Websters Online Dictionary (English <-> Mohawk) [online]
    [Note: Doesn't mark accents, or vowel length]
  8. ___ - Mohawk Language Custodian Association - [online]
    [Online lessons and story books for sale]
  9. ___ - Kanien'kéha Language Initiative - [Online]
    [Consists of a online open source dictionary and other pdf resources for learning Mohawk]
  • Oneida
  1. Abbott, Clifford - Oneida Teaching Grammar, Dictionary & Texts [online/pdf]
  2. Doxtator, Mercy and Michelson, Karin - Oneida Dictionary [Buy]
  3. ___ - Oneida Language Lessons (w/audio) [online/pdf]
  4. ___ - The Wisconsin Oneida Language Preservation Project [online/pdf]
    [Note: Especially good for texts (w/audio)]
  • Onondaga
  1. Longboat, Ely and Henry, Darla - Gawęnahwishe' Onǫda'gega' [Online]
    [This is a new initiative by the Onondaga at the 6 Nations Reservation in Ontario Canada, in which they hope to create learning materials for the language, keep checking back for updates!]
  2. Woodbury, Hanni - Onondaga Dictionary [Buy]
  3. Woodbury, Hanni - A Reference Grammar of the Onondaga Language [Buy]
  • Seneca
  1. :arrow: Chafe, Wallace - Handbook of the Seneca Language [Buy]
  2. :arrow: Chafe, Wallace - Seneca Morphology and Dictionary [Buy|pdf]
  3. Gallatin, Albert - A Vocabulary of Seneca [Buy]
  4. ___ - Seneca Language Translation Dictionary [online/pdf]
  5. Seneca Tribe - Seneca Language Website [online]
    [An on-going initiative to freely offer Seneca language resources and classes (available through phone and video conferencing!)]
  6. Lachler, Jordan; et al. - The West Virgina Mingo Language [online]
    [Mingo is a Iroquoian language very similar to Seneca. The site is incomplete, but still choked full of stuff]

  1. Ward, Jeff and Moran, Ry - [online]

  • Chickasaw
  1. Munro, Pam; and Wilmond, Catherine - Let's Speak Chickasaw [Buy]
  • Choctaw
  1. Byington, Cyrus; et al - Dictionary of Choctaw [Buy|pdf]
    [Note: Uses the older orthography]
  2. :arrow: Haag, Marcia and Willis, Henry - Choctaw Language and Culture [Buy: Vol. 1| Vol. 2]
  3. Haag, Marcia - A Grammar of the Choctaw Language (PC cd-rom) [Buy]
    [Note: This is a Interactive CD-ROM that was meant to go with Choctaw Language and Culture]
  • Creek
  1. :arrow: Alexander, Linda; et al - Beginning Creek [Buy]
  2. :arrow: Alexander, Linda; et al - Intermediate Creek [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Martin, Jack; et al - A Dictionary of Creek [Buy]
  4. Martin, Jack; et al - Pum Opunvkv, Pun Yvhiketv, Pun Fulletv (Creek Textbook) [pdf: Part 1|Part 2|Part 3]
  5. ___ - Creek Project [online/pdf]
    [Has a short dictionary and several texts with audio]
  • Koasati
  1. Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana - Koasati Lessons [Online]
  2. ___ - Koasati Project [online]
    [Information and texts with audio]

  • Coeur d'Alene
  1. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Website Language Department [online]
    [Note: Has workbooks, a textbook and dictionary for sale, contact is not up to date however. The textbook is the same as the workbooks, only without some of the exercises.]
  2. :arrow: Lawrence, Nicodemus - Snchitsu'umshten: The Coeur D'Alene Language [online]
  • Colville-Okanagan
  1. Interior Salish Institute [Online]
    [Has resources for Colville-Okanagan and Wenatchee-Columbian Salish in pdf format, with audio]

  • Hul'qumi'num
  1. Gerdts, Donna; et al - Hul'q'umin'um Words: An English-to-Hul'q'umin'um and Hul'q'umin'um-to-English Dictionary [pdf]
  2. Hukari, Tom; et al - Introduction to Hul'qumi'num [online]
  • Spokane-Kalispel-Pend d'Oreille
  1. Kalispel Tribe - Kalispel Lessons [online]
  2. The Salish & Pend d’Oreille Language Project [Online]
  3. The Salish Language Institute [Online]
  • Lushootseed
  1. :arrow: Hess, Thom; et al - Lushootseed Readers Vols. 1-3 [Buy: email]
  2. :arrow: Hess, Thom; et al - Lushootseed 1 & 2 (Textbooks) [Buy: email]
  3. :arrow: Hess, Thom; et al - Lushootseed Dictionary [Buy]
  4. Zahir, Zalmai - Introduction to Southern Puget Salish [Buy]
  5. Zahir, Zalmai - Lessons For The Advanced Whulshootseed Learner [Buy]
  • Shuswap
  1. :arrow: Kuipers and Dixon - A Shuswap Course [Buy: email]
  2. ___ - Learning Shuswap Vols. 1 & 2 [Buy: email]
  3. ___ - Let's Learn Shuswap Vols. 1 & 2 [Buy: email]
  4. ___ - Secwepemctsin: a Beginners Level Course [Buy: email]

Siouan (Lakhota Forum) [See also: "Plains Languages" entry above]
  • Chiwere/Ioway-Otoe-Missouria
  1. ___ - Jiwele-Baxoje Wan'shige Ukenye Ich'e (Ioway-Otoe Language Book Vols. 1 & 2 [Buy|pdf]
  2. Goodtracks, Jimm - English - Ioway-Otoe Dictionary [pdf]
  • Dakhota
  1. :arrow: Canku, Clifford; Snow, Jody; et al - Beginning Dakota: Tokaheya Dakota Iyapi Kin [Buy: 1|2]
  • Lakhota
  1. Lakota Language Consortum - Speaking Lakota Vols. 1-3 [Buy|Vols 1-3|Vol 1|Vol 2]
  2. :arrow: Lakota Language Consortum - New Lakota Dictionary [Buy|online]
    [You need to register to use the online version extensively]
  3. Oglala Lakota College - Lakota: A Language Course for Beginners[Buy]
  4. :arrow: University of Colorado - Beginning Lakhota Vols. 1 & 2 [Buy: mail|email|audio]
  5. University of Colorado - Elementary Bilingual Dictionary [Buy: mail|email]
  6. White-Hat, Albert - Reading and Writing Lakota Language [Buy]

  1. Grandberry, Julian - A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language [buy]

  1. :arrow: Dauenhauer, Nora and Dauenhauer, Richard - Beginning Tlingit [Buy]
  2. Davis, Henry and Leer, Jeff - English - Tlingit Noun Dictionary [Buy|online]
  3. :arrow: Edwards, Keri - Dictionary of Tlingit [Buy]
  4. Naish, Constance and Story, Gillian - Tlingit Verb Dictionary [Buy|pdf]
  5. Sealaska Heritage Institute - [online]
    [Has resources, both in book and pdf form, for Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian]
  6. Lingít Yoo X'atángi - [online]
    [A Language website/blog with information and resources in pdf format]

  1. Lachler, Jordan - Dictionary of Shm'algyack [Buy]
  2. ___ - Shm'algyack in Motion [Buy]
  3. ___ - Shm'algyack Dictionary [Buy]
  4. Sealaska Heritage Institute - [online]
    [Have resources, both in book and pdf form, for Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian]
  5. Sm’algyax Living Legacy Talking Dictionary - [online]
    [Online dictionary with sound. Also has other resources.]

  • Cahuilla
  1. ___ - Limu Project [online]
    [Lessons and other resources. Need to register and pay for course(s)]
  • Comanche
  1. Canonge, Elliott - Comanche Texts [pdf]
  2. Robinson, Lila; et al - Comanche Dictionary and Grammar [Buy]
  • Hopi
  1. Kalectaca, Milo and Langacker, Ronald - Lessons in Hopi [pdf]
  • O'odham/Pima/Papago
  1. Mathiot, Madeleine - Tohono O'odham - English Dictionary [pdf]
    [Scroll down towards the bottom of the page]
  2. Saxton, Dean; et al - Pima Dictionary [Buy]
  3. :arrow: Zepeda, Ofelia - A Tohono O'odham Grammar [Buy]
  • Shoshoni
  1. :arrow: Gould, Drusilla and Loether, Christopher - An Introduction to the Shoshoni Language [Buy: Book|Book & Audio]
    [Audio available for free through iTunes]
  2. University of Utah - Shoshoni Language Project [online]

  1. Jacobsen, William - Beginning Washo [pdf]
  2. ___ - The Washo Project [online] (thanks to lacustrine)

  • Hualapi
  1. Watahomigie, Lucille; et al - Hualapi Reference Grammar[pdf] (thanks to lacustrine)

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-06, 15:39
by limoneneis
*edited by ksiezycowy*
Added the links above.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-06, 16:17
by księżycowy
Happy too!
Greenlandic (as well as all other Eskimo-Aleut languages) is quite a fascinating language to me.
But unfortunately Greenlandic has been 'the one that got away' thus far. Mainly due to the combination of most (if not all) the textbooks for the language are in Danish, and not knowing where to get them anyway. Thanks a ton for the links!

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-06, 18:23
by księżycowy
Oh, and it's not like web-links can't go here. I don't want my first post to deter anyone from posting websites just because almost all of my links at the top are print materials.
So you can post most anything that has to do with any of these languages here. Grammars, readers, websites, lessons/textbooks, dictionaries/word-lists, ect.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-06, 18:57
by limoneneis
księżycowy wrote:Greenlandic (as well as all other Eskimo-Aleut languages) is quite a fascinating language to me.
But unfortunately Greenlandic has been 'the one that got away' thus far. Mainly due to the combination of most (if not all) the textbooks for the language are in Danish, and not knowing where to get them anyway. Thanks a ton for the links!

You should check out the learning materials thread in the Eskimo-Aleut forum. Qaagit is a very good textbook, even if you don't speak Danish! Kalaallisut has a lot of resources like children's books and novels, radio and news clips and also an online newspaper.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-06, 19:31
by księżycowy
limoneneis wrote:You should check out the learning materials thread in the Eskimo-Aleut forum. Qaagit is a very good textbook, even if you don't speak Danish! Kalaallisut has a lot of resources like children's books and novels, radio and news clips and also an online newspaper.

I certainly will check out Qaagit. I'm planning on learning some Danish soon anyway. And for anything I don't understand (or if I don't get to Danish) there's always google translate!

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 9:13
by ILuvEire
Do you lot think it would be better to have links to the Nahuatl and Eskimo-Aleut forums, which have some great threads of resources, rather than have two separate lists?

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 11:05
by księżycowy
ILuvEire wrote:Do you lot think it would be better to have links to the Nahuatl and Eskimo-Aleut forums, which have some great threads of resources, rather than have two separate lists?

As in do I think the resources I put in this list for those languages should be in their own forums?
Yeah, probably. I suppose I'll do that. Though I'll probably leave then here too.

Also added links to the forums for languages that have separate forums.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 13:40
by księżycowy
Algic/Algonquin Language links:

Mohegan Language Project

Abenaki Links

Lenape Lessons (w/audio) [But oddly no diacritics!]

Talking Lenape (Delaware) Dictionary

The Arapaho Language Project

Ojibwe/Cree/Ottawa Grammar

Abenaki Lessons An old 1880's text on the Abenaki language. Also here.

Potawatomi Lessons and Other Resources

Wetern Abenaki Dictionary, also has radio in Abenaki and lessons.

a good Mi'kmaq dictionary is here.

Some simple Mi'kmaq lessons are here. Also has a dictionary.

A Passamaquoddy-Maliseet dictionary is here.

Abenaki Lessons:

Cheyenne Links: (Thanks to Formiko)*/http://www ... _language/

Links Thanks to lacustrine:
CREE ... arning.htm
MIAMI (Myaamia):
SHAWNEE: ... MS_615.htm
ABENAKI: ... noprdm.htm
Ojibwe: ... ntents.pdf ... names.html ... d-meaning/ ... iteMap.htm ... women.html

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 13:51
by księżycowy
Uto-Aztecan links:

Thanks to lacustrine:
Aspects of Hopi Grammar (a dissertation)

Then there are a couple of documents referenced at the bottom of the Hopi Language entry at
I also have a sketch of Hopi grammar in pdf form but I don't know where I got it!

Here's a dictionary of Tohono O'odham (here called by the older name "Papago")
http://www.websters-online-dictionary.o ... Papago#906

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 13:56
by księżycowy
Athabascan links:
(Apachean to be specific)
A few links for Apache: ... o=ED025757 ... o=ED129495

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 14:00
by księżycowy
Northwestern Languages: (Haida/Tlingit/Tsimshian)

Tlingit lessons (incomplete):

Haida Lessons (incomplete):

Tsimshian Links:

Various resources and links (mostly for Tlingit): ... ources.htm

Tlingit dictionary and Lessons: ... gindex.htm

ERIC resources: ... o=ED397639 (paper on Tlingit Verbs) ... o=ED113932 (Tlingit Verb dictionary) ... o=ED162532 (Haida dictionary)
(There were a few more resources for Haida, but they seemed technical)

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-07, 14:14
by księżycowy

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-08, 12:41
by księżycowy
Added somethings for Cheyenne and Arapaho (Algic/Algonquin) up in the first post.

Also added some Mexican language resources for Mixtec and Zapotec. And also Guarani.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-14, 21:03
by zeme

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-14, 21:20
by księżycowy
zeme wrote:Thank you! This is amazing!


Thanks, I should put on the main list, seeing as it's a series of lessons. Can't believe I forgot that one!

Added the link!

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-18, 19:23
by księżycowy
There is a Papago/O'odham (Uto-Aztecan) lesson here:
It's only one lesson unfortunately, but at least it gives you an idea of how the language sounds before moving on to the grammar 8-) .
It doesn't work with Firefox (I found that out the hard way :lol: ), it seems to work well with IE. It requires a font as well. The relevant info is on the page.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-19, 5:45
by Formiko
księżycowy wrote:It doesn't work with Firefox (I found that out the hard way :lol: ), it seems to work well with IE.

Or Chrome or Opera. People still use the virus trap IE?

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-20, 12:30
by księżycowy
Added two resources for Comanche on the 'master' list. Too bad there aren't any textbooks or web lessons that I know of . .

And added some Dena'ina Athabascan sites.

Added some things for Sarcee, an Athabascan language.
And I should point out that there are several readers for Alaskan languages (Athabascan and Eskimo-Aleut languages) over at ERIC. Not that they'll probably help most people. You really need at least a grammar and dictionary to go with them to get anything out of them. :?

And finally added some Mayan resources.

Re: Learning Resources

Posted: 2010-11-21, 16:56
by księżycowy
Just added a Chickasaw (Muskogean) textbook to the master list. Don't know how that one went unnoticed for so long!