Is this an Inuit language?

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Is this an Inuit language?

Postby Junesun » 2010-04-29, 10:48

There's a song that German kids often learn in primary school: . Supposedly this song is in an Inuit language, but judging from the length of the words (if reported faithfully), I have my doubts. Can anybody confirm?

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Re: Is this an Inuit language?

Postby Lassiriene » 2010-04-29, 17:13

This is the only information I could find about it (unfortunately in Icelandic):

But it looks like it was taken from a Danish song called "Ake Take Noa" with the lyrics

Ake take noa, ake take noa,
hej missa dej missa dulla missa dej.
Hexa missa dulla våhda, hexa missa dulla våhda.
Ake take noa, ake take noa,
hej missa dej missa dulla missa dej.

and then subsequently corrupted to the lyrics in that link. But I can't be sure, so take this info with a grain of salt till someone comes and confirms, since my Icelandic isn't at the level of reading very much anything. XD
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Re: Is this an Inuit language?

Postby csjc » 2010-04-29, 19:30

The Icelandic wikipedia page says:

In a German songbook called Liederbuch, the song and text is called "Atte katte nuwa", it seems that the book was compiled by Ernst Hossenfelder and the name of the song written down fairly badly.

In the book it is said to be "Von der Eskimos", and below the song it says: "Geschichte einier Eskimo-Familie". This would imply that the text is in Greenlandic, but nothing in the song is connected to the language.
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Re: Is this an Inuit language?

Postby johnH » 2010-11-17, 11:55

So it's a very strange greenaldic dialect of Dänisch? that is incorreclty spelled? and…… incorreclty transcribed and then changed to fit the phonetics of inuit :| . my head hurts. :darn:
In vengence I shall bring the German Pagan :preach: to convert the Greenlandic dänes.[by the way the funny hat is stollen from the pope please don't tell him] it suits him and we drew it in funny colors. :jk: :yeah!: :newbie: my head actually hurts thinking about that wouldn't it be simpler to just translate it?[at-least if one would bother learning Kallalisut.]
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