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I'm very fresh to Kalaallisut.

Posted: 2007-08-26, 10:53
by Pauro
Hello everybody. I'm Paul. For some time I've been trying to figure out the complex grammar of standard Kalaallisut :-)
Right now, I need some assistance in translating such a sentence: "I learn foreign languages.", meaning non-definite languages in general. Anybody please?

Posted: 2007-08-28, 21:55
by Ateq
Hej Paul!

I also just started learning Kalaallisut. But my dictionary tells me: fremmedord = tarkornartat oqaasiat. So fremmedsprog (foreign language) should be takornartat oqaatsit. I learn = ilinniarpunga and transitiv maybe ilinniarpara (I learn it).
Put it together:
Takornartat oqaatsit ilinniarpara.

Hope I could help you. Maybe someone else does have a better idea?


Thanks for interest

Posted: 2007-08-28, 23:34
by Pauro
Nice to hear from you.
I believe the verb should be "ilinniarpunga".
The word "oqaatsit" changes along with the definite or indefinite case. Here I need the indefinite. Together with "takornartat" it should also become posessive, I believe. Altogether it all gets quite complicated.
Tak for trying.

Posted: 2007-08-29, 12:11
by Ateq

You´re right, it has to be ilinniarpunga.
Perhaps try this:
Nunat allat oqaatsiat ilinniarpunga.
Nunat allat - foreign countries, Plural, Genitiv
oqaatsit - language, Plural, Possessiv

If you now think of some non-definite languages, this and that, I think you have to use the -nik form:
Nunat allat oqaatsianik ilinniarpunga.

Kalallisut ilinniarpunga.


Posted: 2007-08-29, 12:46
by Pauro

Sorry but the form oqaatsianik doesn't exist.
In my opinion alone it will be oqaatsinik and together with takornartat - oqaasiinik. I'm not sure, however, about the order, so either:
Takornartat oqaasiinik ilinniarpunga.
or Oqaasiinik takornartat ilinniarpunga.

Questions to you:
1. Which order do you think is more correct?
2. Do you think "nunat allat" fits better here than "takornartat" ?

Mange tak ;-)

Posted: 2007-08-31, 20:57
by Ateq
Hej hej Pauro!

Well, if you say:
takornartat it means something in the direktion of unknown language. But is got a touch of seeing something the first time, something really new or unknown to me.
nunat allat it means language of other Countries. I think, this is more objective, neutral. It still fits if you do already know a lot about that language.
I think it´s up to you, what you tend to express.

About the order:
My dictionary tells for foreign word takornartat oqaasiat. So that also could be the right order for foreign language.

What du you think?


Posted: 2007-08-31, 23:23
by Pauro

Could you check for me the word "allamiut"? Maybe this one can be more suitable for "language"?
I can't believe it can be so complicated :(

På gjensyn!


Posted: 2007-09-01, 6:11
by Ateq
Hej hej!

allamiut doesn´t exist in any of my coverered or online ordbogit. But in free association it schould mean: inhabitant of somewhere afar/else. The language of the allamiut would be allamiutut, like
kalaallit - kalaallisut
Tunu - Tunumiut - Tunumiutut
Tysklandi - Tysklandemiut - Tysklandimiutut

Well, could also be a solution.

If you like, I could ask a friend, who lives in Tunu (East Greenland) or one living in Germany, when I speak to them the next time.

Have a good time, inuulluarit,

Posted: 2007-09-01, 9:04
by Pauro

I'd be grateful if could ask a native speaker about the most common way he calls "a foreign language". I'm really confused.
By the way, could you give me a link to an online ordbog of standard Kalaallisut, if there's one?

Changing the subject, do you know if "Apannga!" is correct to say "Kiss me!" Have you come across such expressions as "I'm in love with you" and "I miss you"?

På forhånd tak :D
Have a nice weekend!


Posted: 2007-09-01, 14:34
by Steisi
Wow so now we have someone in contact with a native speaker? Great progress! :woohoo:

Posted: 2007-09-01, 17:48
by ilaana
I miss you - maqaasivakkit

Long time ago, before I started to learn Greenlandic we used to say either "(qaa) apannga" or *"apalanngamik" for "kiss me"

*(I'm not sure how to spell this since I've never seen it :roll: )

Inussiarnersumik inuulluaqqusillunga
ilaana :D

Posted: 2007-09-01, 22:06
by Ateq
Hej, we´re getting help! Wonderful!

apa- I can´t find in my dictionary, but:
kunik – kiss
kunippaa/kunissivoq – gives him/her a kiss, kisses him/her
kunipput – they kiss each other

me -> you: -pakkit
I´m kissing you – kunippakkit

you -> me: -parma
you are kissing me – kunipparma

Imperativ transitiv positiv:
Subjekt:2.P.Sg (you)
Object: 1. P. Sg. (me)
Verb: ending on vokal (kuni-)
-> -nnga
So the form for „Kiss me!“ should be: kuninnga!

I love you – asavakkit

The online-ordbogi I use is . You can get the site either in kalaallisut, dansk or english. You can enter the danish or the greenlandic word to search for the equivalent. It doesn´t translate every word, but often you also can find phrases and complex words.
I also do have the QIMAWIN now and the OQAATSIT. Together with a danisch dictionary, because I don´t understand much of it.

So, if you need a special word don´t hesitate to ask, and I`ll try to find it out.

I will pass on the „foreign language“ problem and tell you the solution as soon as I get it.



Posted: 2007-09-01, 22:50
by Pauro
You're really helpful.
About "kiss me!", I've heard a phrase "apannga!".
I asked about "I'm in love with you" (jeg er forelsket), in another way than just "I love you". I wonder if there's such a difference in Kalaallisut.

Waiting for your news, mysterious friend :?:


Posted: 2007-09-02, 7:14
by Ateq

Perhaps that´ll help you? It seems, also the inuit make differences in the state of being in love :wink:

kusagaa - synes godt om (/ holder af / kan godt lide) det, finder det smukt, er forelsket i ham/hende

(ajuut – sygdom/skavank)
ajuutiginnittoq – forelsket
ajuutigilerpaa - blive forelsket i
ajuutigaa - være forelsket i
marluuniat - et forelsket par
nuannarivippaa - han er helt forelsket i det
ajuutiginningaartoq - heftigt forelsket
sukavippoq {sukappoq?} - vil absolut, er vild efter at ... / vildt forelsket i hende
sualungaartumik asannilersoq - dødelig forelsket

You understand Danish or have a danish dictionary? Or should I translate the danish into english or german?

I´m learning with you, in case of ... - who knows?:shy:

Inuttuaarii (Tunumiutut for inuulluarit)


Posted: 2007-09-02, 14:25
by nighean-neonach
Hey, there's some action in here :D Great!

I'll check out some questions that came up here with some native speakers... sorry I've been so silent here recently, I've just had lots of other things to do and not much time for Kalaallisut in my daily routine :)

But I'm still alive, don't worry.


Posted: 2007-09-02, 22:58
by Pauro
So if ajuutigaa means være forelsket i, I'm in love with you would be?? ajuutigakkit ?
Dansk is fine, somehow I understand it more than Kalaallisut :lol:



Madainn mhath!

Posted: 2007-09-02, 23:37
by Pauro
Ciamar a tha sibh? Good to hear you're alive.

Bidh mi fada 'nur comain ma thigeas sibh a-steach a chuidich uair-eigin. :)