Childrens' story

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Childrens' story

Postby nighean-neonach » 2007-04-02, 20:05

This is from a book called Imannak, which is designed for Danish speaking school children learning Greenlandic.
It's really cute, every lesson includes a little story with pictures, and some exercises. There is no grammar explained (but it's very basic anyway, there are about one or two certain aspects of grammar introduced in each lesson), all the words are given as they are in the vocabulary.
It's good for additional practice, in my opinion. There are several small booklets in this series, but I don't really know if they are still in print.
I'm going to post the first story from Imannak 1 here:

Aajuna qitsuk. Qitsuk nerrivimmiippoq. Nerriviup sanianiipoq qattaq. Qattamiipoq imeq. Qitsuk qattamut nakkarpoq. Maanna qitsuk masappoq.
Aajuna nukappiaraq. Qitsuk utaqqivoq. "Aa, aajuna qitsuutiga", nukappiaraq oqarpoq. Taava tiguaa. Allarterpaa. Maanna qitsuk panerpoq.


qitsuk - cat
nerrivik - table (from nerivoq = eat, -vik/fik = a place for something)
qattaq - pail
imeq - water
nukappiaraq - boy

nakkarpoq - falls down
masappoq - is wet
utaqqivoq - waits
oqarpoq - says
tiguaa - takes it (transitive!)
allarterpaa - dries it (transitive!)
panerpoq - is dry

aajuna - here is
saniani - beside (saneraq = side, -ani = locative with 3rd singular possessive ending -> "at its side")
maanna - now
taava - then

Any grammar in there you don't understand? :)
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