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Posted: 2007-03-18, 20:37
by norskgutte
Here's some of my sentences :

atuarfik angivoq
biili akisuvoq
arnaq silatuvoq
angut qasuvoq
imaq angivoq
qaqqaq angivoq
kangerluk takivoq
pisiniarfik akisuvoq
ukiaq angivoq
unnuk angivoq
oqaluttuaq silatuvoq
mittarfik angivoq
kuuk takivoq
nuliaq silatuvoq
ui qasuvoq
qimmeq qasuvoq
ikinngut angivoq
iffiaq akisuvoq

atuarfik kusanarpoq
biili akikippoq
arnaq kusanarpoq
angut ipertuvoq
imaq tungujorpoq
qaqqaq taarpoq
kangerluk itivoq
pisiniarfik akikippoq
ukiaq taarpoq
unnuk taarpoq
oqaluttuaq kusanarpoq
mittarfik aappaluppoq
kuuk tungujurpoq
nuliaq kusanarpoq
ui taarpoq
qimmeq aappaluppoq
ikinngut ipertuvoq
iffiaq akikippoq

Ok....I know it's basic but would appreciate any feedback.

I'm new to this site, but to let you know a little about why I'm wanting to learn Greenlandic- I'm Scottish , but have an Irish mother and a Norwegian father (who is partly of Greenlandic ancestry). I was brought up speaking Ulster Gaelic and Norwegian (Nynorsk) at home , as well as my native English, but I'm now starting to want to find out more about my Greenlandic/Inuit background.

Posted: 2007-03-18, 20:43
by nighean-neonach
Cool family background 8) And welcome to the Greenlandic forum! :D

It would have been better though to open a new topic for your sentences, or at least not to put them here in the word box...I would very much like this forum to remain well-organised...
Please feel free to practice in the grammar threads and to ask everything you would like to know. I'm just a learner myself, but I'll try to help as much as possible :)

A bheil leabhraichean air choireigin agad airson a' chànain seo? An robh thu a-riamh anns a' Ghraonlainn?

Posted: 2007-03-18, 21:11
by norskgutte
Tha mi duilich....'s cha robh mi riamh thall an-sin, ach bu toigh leam a'dol ann a dh'aithghearr.

Posted: 2007-03-19, 8:06
by nighean-neonach
Tha dùil agam-sa dol ann as t-samhradh... ach tha sinne caran "off-topic" an-seo ;)

Posted: 2007-03-20, 11:08
by nighean-neonach
Yay... it has worked :)

Posted: 2007-04-02, 20:16
by nighean-neonach
Càit a bheil thu, norskgutte? A bheil thu an sàs le Graonlainnis fhathast? Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil thu gu math :)