I'm back and I've got a great new book :D

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I'm back and I've got a great new book :D

Postby nighean-neonach » 2007-03-02, 8:48

Hi, I've returned from France and will go on posting new stuff here this weekend :D And just today I've received a wonderful parcel from the postman, yay. I had already completely forgotten that I'd bought it, at a very cheap price, from an American second hand book seller.
It's called "From the Writings of the Greenlanders - Kalaallit atuakkiaannit" and was edited by Michael Fortescue.
It contains stories and excerpts of novels by Greenlandic writers, both in the original language and English translation! I think it will be rather difficult, but well, I will surely learn a lot from it :)
Looking forward to get back to Greenlandic, after 6 days in France with my penfriend and completely immersed in the French language :D
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