Some grammar and structures - part 11

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Some grammar and structures - part 11

Postby nighean-neonach » 2007-02-15, 10:14

DISCLAIMER: As I have said before, I am not going to "teach" anything here. I strongly suggest that if you are interested in learning Greenlandic you get some of the materials listed in the other topic.

Some more small talk PHRASES

Qanorippit? = How are you?
from: qanoq ippit, with the verb or affix -ippoq (to be in...)
also further shortened to qanorik?

A possible answer is:
Ajunngilanga, illimmi? = I'm fine, and you?
Ajunngeqaanga, illimmi? = I'm very well, and you?
the -qaaq affix says that something is "very" or "lots of" something...

To say that something is great, lovely, super etc. you can use:
Nuann! (from nuannara = to be happy about something)
Torrak! (not sure where this comes from)

To say that something is bad, not okay, etc. a common word is:

Two other very common words are:
Immaqa = maybe, perhaps, probably, hopefully, don't know etc.
Ilaana = truly, definitely, for sure, that's perfect, I'd like to, etc.

I think I've mentioned how to say thanks before, but just for the records...
Qujanaq = thank you
Qujanarsuaq / Qujanarujussuaq = many thanks, big thanks, thank you so much
Qujaannarpunga = No, thanks
Qujanaq kingullermik = Thanks for the last time (typical Scandinavian concept ;) )
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