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Some Greenlandic grammar and structures - index

Posted: 2007-02-13, 12:25
by nighean-neonach
As I am going to add more and more little topics about the basics of Greenlandic, I thought it might become a bit confuising for newcomers as well as for those who want to go back to one of the older topics to read through them again.
So I though I'll put an index here, to make it easier to find certain topics again:

(Please don't write any questions, small talk or other stuff in here, this is meant to be index alone - ask all questions in the relevant topics please :) )
Grammar and structures 1 (word box)
In this topic you will find some useful words to practice the patterns introduced in the other topics. I am going to add more words bit by bit.
Grammar and structures 2
Attribute verbs: mikivoq etc.
Grammar and structures 3
Possession: arnap qimmia etc.
Grammar and structures 4
Some small talk phrases
Grammar and structures 5
Attribute verbs plural and negated: -nngilaq
Grammar and structures 6
-qarpoq = has, is with
Grammar and structures 7
Verbal inflection indicative intransitive + negated: nerivunga etc.
Grammar and structures 8
Inflection of possessive markers: qimmira, qimmit, etc.
Grammar and structures 9
Place and direction: Nuummit, Nuummi, Nuummut etc.
Grammar and structures 10
Transtive sentences, ergative structure: arnaq aviisimik atuarpoq vs. arnap aviisi atuarpaa

Re: Some Greenlandic grammar and structures - index

Posted: 2012-12-15, 20:45
by johnklepac
I've decided to try my hand at Greenlandic. I have a bunch of vocabulary terms and suffixes in my iPod's flashcard database. Thanks for this! A little late, I'm aware...

Re: Some Greenlandic grammar and structures - index

Posted: 2018-07-24, 5:25
by jairodrake
I like that, too, and that's how all things work in Greenlandic. The words just get longer and longer ;) but basically it's like Lego pieces or a jigsaw puzzle or like connecting cables with certain plugs.