Oqaluutit - Verbs II

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Oqaluutit - Verbs II

Postby ilaana » 2007-02-11, 21:11

Future tense (indicative)

The suffix -ssaaq (will, future) is added to the last vowel of the verb stem

K/T-stem, sinissaaq (will sleep):

Sinissaanga (I will sleep)
Sinissaatit (You will sleep)
Sinissaaq (He will sleep)
Sinissaagut (We will sleep)
Sinissaasi (You will sleep)
Sinissapput (They will sleep)

Sinissaanga? (Will I sleep?)
Sinissavit? (Will you sleep?)
Sinissava? (Will he sleep?)
Sinissaagut? (Will we sleep?)
Sinissavisi? (Will you sleep?)
Sinissappat (Will they sleep?)

1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular and 1st and 2nd person plural, indicative, are the suffix in its modern form. An earlier form is -ssavunga, -ssavutit, -ssavoq, -ssavugut and -saavusi. These earlier forms are still used when suffixes are added

The suffix -ssaanngilaq (-ssaaq + -nngilaq = will not)

Sinissanngilanga (I will not sleep)
Sinissanngilatit (You will not sleep)
Sinissanngilaq (He will not sleep)
Sinissanngilagut (We will not sleep)
Sinissanngilasi (You will not sleep)
Sinissanngillat (They will not sleep)

Sinissanngilanga? (Won't I sleep?)
Sinissanngilatit? (Won't you sleep?)
Sinissanngila? (Won't he sleep?)
Sinissanngilagut? (Won't we sleep?)
Sinissanngilasi? (Won't you sleep?)
Sinissanngillat? (TheWon't they sleep?)

The affix added to other stems:
Nerissaanga (I will eat)
Nerissanngilanga (I won't eat)
Atuassaanga (I will read)
Atuassanngilanga (I won't read)
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Re: Oqaluutit - Verbs II

Postby juicypuffin » 2011-05-15, 19:59

I just copied your lesson posts and the other lessons form this forum into an RTF file, you can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sedruumgzjb9dxw
(by the way, you can see all the Greenlandic learning stuff I have in the same folder, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?z5raoj6jr4awf )

I run a community to help people learn Nordic languages: http://learn-nordic.livejournal.com/
I'm really thankful that you've put up these lessons and vocabulary, especially in English. I hope you'll continue to do so. In the future I want to make a textbook aimed for people who haven't learned another language, for Greenlandic.
If you have any learning resources for the following languages, please tell me:
[flag]kl[/flag] [flag]is[/flag] [flag]fo[/flag] [flag]fi[/flag] [flag]sv[/flag] [flag]no[/flag] [flag]dk[/flag] And any Saami languages: [flag]smi[/flag]

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