Kalaallisut immannguaq oqaluttarpugut ;)

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Re: Kalaallisut immannguaq oqaluttarpugut ;)

Postby macaoidh » 2010-09-29, 16:28

Aluu uanga Lindenmik ateqarpunga 17nillu ukioqarlungalu. Tuluit Nunaanni sulisarlunga, ilinniartitsisuuvunga ilinniartuuvungalu. Kalaallisut, Tuluttut oqaluttarpunga :)

Qanoq ippit

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Re: Kalaallisut immannguaq oqaluttarpugut ;)

Postby johnH » 2010-11-17, 23:05

[i'm a total newb so please forgive me for understanding nothing.]
Trying to learn Please help:[flag]iu[/flag]
TEC:[flag]iu[/flag] {Passing onto next year because of late start as of 2010/11/18.}

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