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'To be'

Posted: 2007-02-11, 9:57
by ilaana
-ippoq (is)
(only used with qanoq, ima,
taama, -/+mi (inessive), soorlu and -/+ tut (aequalis) )
This verb often seems like a affix

1 - Qanoq ippit? How are you?
2 - Imaappoq or taama ippoq It is like this (I now want to say or show you)
3 - Taamaappa? or taama ippa? Is it like that? (you just said or showed me)
4 - Inimiippoq or inimi ippoq He is in the living room (inessive)
5 - Soorlu anaanatut ippoq She is like a mother (soorlu is rather used with aequalis)

Tassa - it is (introducing)

1 - Tassa illorput It is our house
2 - Ivalu tassa anaanaga Ivalu is my mother

-uvoq, -avoq, -juvoq
This affix express the characteristic of the mentioned object

1 - Illuuvoq It is a house
2 - Anaanaavoq She is a mother

This affix is added to the last vowel of the stem of the noun, but when it comes to the T-stem an 'a' is added before the suffix

-uvoq (placed after 'u' and 'i')
-avoq (placed after 'a')
-juvoq (pkaced after 'uu' and 'aa')

ataataavoq he is a father (ataata)
palasiuvoq he is a priest (palasi)
tuttuuvoq it is a reindeer (tuttu)
tiiuvoq it is tea (tii)

arnaavoq she is a woman (arnaq)
qimmiuvoq it is a dog (qimmeq)
ullaajuvoq it is morning (ullaaq)

paniuvoq she is a daughter (panik)
immuuvoq it is milk (immuk)

angutaavoq he is a man (angut)
ikitsisaavoq it is a match 'as in box of matches' (ikitsit)
sapaatiuvoq it is sunday (sapaat)

-uvoq, tassa and +una don't have the same meaning

1 - Nakorsaavoq She is a doctor
2 - Tassa nakorsaq It is a doctor, it is the doctor (she's coming now)
3 - Nakorsaruna It is a doctor, it is the doctor (that you can see or are talking about)

-gaa (-givaa), -raa (-rivaa) - have him to.., he/it is his
This affix express the characteristic of the mentioned object more than 'tassa' does

1 - Illugaarput or illugivarput It is our house [We have it to house]
2 - Anaanagaara or anaanagivara She is my mother [I have her to mother]

+una (singular), +uku (plural) (it is, is it?)
Words with these affixes are written by adding " - " or by assimilation (like the pronunciation)

1 - Ujarak-una or ujaranguna It is a stone
2 - Tuttut-uku or tuttunuku It is reindeers
3 - Uanga-una or uangaana It is me, it is mine
4 - Inuit-uku? or inuinuku? Is it humans?
5 - Illit-una? or illinuna? Is it you, is it yours?
6 - Kia-una nasaa? or kianna nasaa? Whose cap is it?
7 - Uanga-una igalaaq aseroriga or uangaana igalaaq asesoriga I'm the one who broke the window
8 - illit-una oqartutit? or illinuna oqartutit? Did you say something?
9 - kina-una oqaluukkiga? or kiaana oqaluukkiga? With whom am I speaking?

Posted: 2007-02-12, 20:59
by nighean-neonach
This is straight from Bjørnum's grammar by the way, so everyone who is thinking about buying that book, here you can see what it's like (of course it's in Danish, so say big thanks to ilaana that she has translated it! :) ).

Posted: 2007-02-12, 21:18
by ilaana
It's the best book that I have :D

Posted: 2007-02-12, 21:31
by nighean-neonach
Yeah, definitely! :D Everyone should buy it! ;) Although it was really expensive, but it's well worth the money. I'm even getting used to reading Danish 8)

Posted: 2007-02-12, 21:36
by ilaana
It's worth it, yeah :!: ..and I'm getting used to reading again :lol:

Posted: 2007-02-13, 0:35
by Mulder-21
How can I get it, and how much does it cost?

Hvor kan jeg få fat i den, og hvor meget koster den?

Hvar kann eg keypa hana, og hvussu nógv kostar hon?

Posted: 2007-02-13, 7:39
by nighean-neonach
See my long topic on resources etc., I put all the info in there. Please keep this thread on-topic.