Greenlandic audio resources

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Instructional books with audio CD's

Postby lumineferusother » 2007-07-30, 3:11

Hey all! Do any of you know of an instructional book accompanied with audio CD's?

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Postby nighean-neonach » 2007-07-31, 19:12

It's all in the topic "Learning materials, web resources and suggestions" :roll:
Writing poetry in: Scottish Gaelic, German, English.
Reading poetry in: Latin, Old Irish, French, Ancient Greek, Old Norse.
Talking to people in the shop in: Lithuanian, Norwegian, Irish Gaelic, Saami.
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Re: Greenlandic audio resources

Postby neonrider » 2007-09-02, 4:52

nighean-neonach wrote:Nuuk TV:
You can watch some news clips in Greenlandic there, go to "18:45 & 19:15 GL" in the menu.

Some Greenlandic learning materials have audio tapes / CDs with them, I'll write something about that later.

Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa:
used to have some audio clips as well, but I can't find them anymore now.

Kalaallit Nunaat language reminds me of Mongolian mixed with Finnish.

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