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Posted: 2007-02-01, 12:51
by nighean-neonach
Hey Alcadras, have you read my long posting on learning materials, resources, and sharing? :)

Posted: 2007-02-01, 12:58
by Alcadras
I've just read it. I have nothing to give you in order. I mean, i am lack of sources,materials. Its hard to find it in my city. The other cities are okay, but languages like icelandic,greenlandic are hard to find. Maybe in university libraries. :D :D Even if i got, i wouldn't disturb you, because i'm a dabbler. :D I think, i'll be just watching you two how you learn this hard language and improve day by day. :lol:

Posted: 2007-02-01, 13:14
by nighean-neonach
I've send you a PM, Alcadras :)

Posted: 2007-02-11, 9:08
by ilaana
Qujanarsuaq! Kingumut uterpunga :)

Posted: 2007-02-11, 10:22
by Steisi
YES!! A native speaker!! <3 Thank you for coming :D I was just about to start my daily greenlandic study :mrgreen:

Posted: 2007-02-11, 10:49
by ilaana
Native? I'm so sorry to disappoint you :cry:

Posted: 2007-02-11, 11:01
by Alcadras
i think she's danish.

Posted: 2007-02-11, 11:10
by Steisi
ilaana wrote:Native? I'm so sorry to disappoint you :cry:

Even if you're not, you're from Greenland! And it's good enough for me :mrgreen: And you're posting yummy lessons, so I'm happy :D

Posted: 2007-02-11, 11:49
by ilaana
I really wonder how many times I have to disappoint you :? I'm not from Greenland, but from Denmark :)
I have more lessons that I could post if anyone is interested :?: Some grammar and some translations

Posted: 2007-02-11, 12:10
by Steisi
I'm not easily disappointed, and I'm STILL happy that you've joined us ;)
I'm interested at least :D

Posted: 2007-02-11, 12:12
by nighean-neonach
Aluu ilaana! :D Qanorippit? Kalallisut oqaluttarpit? Ajunngeqaaq! Kalaallit Nunaanniinnikkuuit?

What books and stuff do you work with? Are you in contact with Greelanders? This is starting to be really cool here :waytogo:

As you may have seen, I've been posting some introductory stuff and I'm going to continue that regularly (a few times a week), but please feel free to post your own things as well, it can only do good as a supplement and repetition for the beginners.

Posted: 2007-02-11, 12:13
by ilaana
Great :D I'll go find my notebooks then and try to make everything understandable :)

Posted: 2007-02-11, 13:06
by ilaana
Hej nighean-neonach! Nuffarliorpunga kisianni aaqissooq, illimmi ajunngilatit? Kalaallisut paasivara kisianni suli iluamik oqalussinnaanngilanga. Angerlarsimaffimmi atuartarpunga. Uku ikani Nuummi "iluanaaqqutigaarput" oqaatsit marluiusut atorlugit peroriartortaramata, kisianniliuna illoqarfinnut allanut sanilliullutik qallunaatut ilikkarnissamut pisariaqartitsisunut "ajornartorsiut" killormut atoripput.

At the moment I'm not working with any books except my notebooks from when someone I know taught me. I know Greenlanders here in Denmark and on Greenland. Hehe, I hope so :D

Posted: 2007-02-11, 13:48
by nighean-neonach
Paasilaarpunga. "peroriartortaramata" qanoq isumaqarpa?

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:04
by Steisi
Would it be possible for you both to post bilingually? ^^

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:12
by nighean-neonach
Awww, sorry Stacy! :D Well, I suppose we'll have to figure something out, like, we'll have one topic for posting in Greenlandic only, and maybe another one for bilingual posts...

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:16
by ilaana
nighean-neonach wrote:Paasilaarpunga. "peroriartortaramata" qanoq isumaqarpa?

they grew up

Utoqqatserpunga, Stacy! From now on I will try to remember posting everything here bilingually :!:

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:35
by Steisi
quianaq! :mrgreen:

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:38
by ilaana
Stacy wrote:quianaq! :mrgreen:

Usually it's written with j instead of i

Posted: 2007-02-11, 14:43
by Steisi
Aha! It's cos my printer's broken and prints things in stripes, and missed the bottom of the j :oops: