TAC - Nina 2020 (Italian, Hebrew)

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TAC - Nina 2020 (Italian, Hebrew)

Postby NinainOrbit » 2020-03-29, 11:01

WHEW late to the game but let's see!

Without saying too much I'll just try to figure out my plans for both and i'll really try to stick to them this time :lol:

Italian (it)
Really wanna get to a conversational point this year finally, even if it's just making the basic greeting conversation more natural.

  • Pretty simple, just practice duolingo everyday
  • watch at least one video in italian every few days (knowing i will understand 0.1% of any of it)1
  • listen. to. italian. music. this is something i can do daily but won't be upset if i don't
  • find an article to read or some short story

List is pretty small but it's not exclusive and i will likely add more things to it. I'm just getting back into the groove of dedicated learning again so bear with me. Voglio provare a scrivere gli aggiornamenti sui miei progressi in italiano, ma do importanza alla parola "provare". :lol:

Hebrew (he)

Nothing much on this to be honest. I will be learning it with Italian, but I'm not sure what my goal is exactly for this. I will mostly just be following the duolingo course for this language for the fundamentals, wherever that takes me i'll be satisfied with! I've really fallen in love with the language recently, listening to it and saying the words (though I always like saying words in other languages)

1 se qualcuno ha qualsiasi consiglio dei video sul YouTube, gliene serei molto grato alcuni (eppure per qualsiasi correzione)

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Re: TAC - Nina 2020 (Italian, Hebrew)

Postby NinainOrbit » 2020-03-29, 22:28

(he) Think I'll do word lists of each new word I learned by the end of the day here. I haven't been keeping notes like that actually cause I dont want to rely on them, but doing that will help retain them longer. And I just realized it'd help me be familiar with the hebrew keyboard outside of duolingo.

Also I had the assumption that verbs conjugated for person and gender in all tenses, but apparently it's only gender.

יונה dove, pigeon
ספר libro
תפוח mela
רואה vede (dire con "e" se mascolino oppure "a" se femminino)
אוהב/אוהבת piacere, amare
יין vino
לחם pane
חלב latte
יפר bello, bella
אורז riso
ילד ragazzo
ילדה ragazza

Hmm, that's not the full list but I'll just toss in the rest as I do more. All that was from memory.

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Re: TAC - Nina 2020 (Italian, Hebrew)

Postby vijayjohn » 2020-04-02, 5:57

What got you interested in Hebrew all of a sudden anyway?

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Re: TAC - Nina 2020 (Italian, Hebrew)

Postby LaMaisonDieu » 2020-05-07, 17:34

mascolino --> maschile

femminino ---> femminile
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