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langmon's fresh MultiLangLog

Posted: 2019-10-05, 1:48
by langmon
It has been a long long time since I last posted anything. And I only continued to learn languages (apart from hibernation mode learning) recently. Starting this log by sharing a few videos where I talk about the current methods as well as some experiences and techniques. They are in chronological order.

This is how I'm gradually learning some languages

I'm currently continuing to learn Italian/Spanish/... to use them as *auxiliary* languages for conversations with people who understand like 50% or 80% of spoken German. In this video, I'm talking about why I chose this approach of gradually learning multiple tongues at once, rather than aiming for high-level fluency in any particular one.

Language learning motivation boost after switching to an ''I don't have to'' attitude

In the previous episode, I mentioned that I change my learning method. This resulted in an "I don't have to know these languages" attitude. And that was a cause for a big boost of motivation for actually continuing to learn them!

Having a long Italian conversation despite very basic speaking skills [Social Experiment]

Language-related social experiment: How it was possible to participate in a long Italian conversation, even if I only got basic speaking skills myself. Later in the video, I'm also talking about social experiments in general.

Why I'm learning several languages at once & some techniques

Re: langmon's fresh MultiLangLog

Posted: 2019-10-14, 1:06
by vijayjohn
Welcome back!

You have a YouTube channel?