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Re: TAC 2017-2018 Iván

Posted: 2018-08-19, 17:54
by Iván
Current level: B1.2-perhaps B2...I'm not sure. Definitely should review some grammar topics.

I want to start gaining more vocabulary in Finnish as I sometimes feel like I always end up using the same words. I know that on a daily basis there are words that we always use, but I would like to broaden my vocabulary so that I know how to say the same things in a different way. I usually have no trouble understanding what people say, especially when I watch videos or documentaries. I know that most documentaries, however, are conducted in kirjakieli, thus they are easier to understand.

I started watching some videos and trying to write down the words I don't understand so that I can look them up. Sometimes I just decipher them out of context, but I want to "force" myself to learn them. I've just finished watching this nice interview made to the Finnish translator of Harry Potter: ... uun/128354


I listen to podcasts every day and I'm currently reading Lauras letzte Party, a German translation of a Finnish thriller. I'm not reading it in Finnish because I bought the book when I was in Cologne. Before going to sleep I usually watch one documentary in German.


So far I mostly write in Dutch with two friends that I've met in Antwerp, but I will soon start speaking it as well - I don't care if they prefer to speak English. I also try to listen to some podcasts, but I must admit that I find the ones in German more interesting.

Ever since I've moved to Antwerp, I've been focusing upon languages and I'm really enjoying this.