TAC eskandar (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu)

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Re: TAC eskandar (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu)

Postby vijayjohn » 2020-07-08, 14:29

Saim wrote:
vijayjohn wrote: I brought up how it was pronounced because we were talking at an earlier point about the extent to which Pakistanis pronounce sounds that are foreign to Indo-Iranian languages ([z] was borrowed from Persian, and a lot of Indians replace it with [d͡ʒ]).

Don't you mean Indo-Aryan? :)

Oh shit, yes, I did...I got confused because I made it a point to say "Indo-Iranian" languages instead of "Indo-Aryan" in the previous sentence so I didn't leave Persian out. :P

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Re: TAC eskandar (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu)

Postby eskandar » 2020-09-09, 1:15

Arabic has basically been on hold lately, though I definitely plan to get back to it when I have more time.

I'm happy with my progress in Hebrew. Looking back at my log, about a year ago I felt I had just about reached B1. I think I'm still more or less there, but now at the high end, getting closer to B2. I've done well with mostly learning through immersion. I need to find a new show (preferably one with short episodes) to watch! The only problem is that, just like when I started learning French and it mostly just screwed up my Spanish for a while, Hebrew has screwed up my Arabic. I said qaṣadtī the other day, basically conjugating the Arabic verb qaṣada according to a Hebrew pattern. :oops:

I'd like to be doing more with Urdu. I like to read something from an Urdu reader before sleeping; finished Gopi Chand Narang's Readings in Literary Urdu Prose and have been reading an Urdu newspaper reader. I'll pick up a novel or some short stories after I finish this one. I downloaded Tandem to try to find some language partners to practice speaking with.
Please correct my mistakes in any language.

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