I'm back, baby

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I'm back, baby

Postby ''' » 2013-10-12, 21:35

Due to my long, mysterious, and unforgivable absence, the forum has fallen into a bad state. Rest assured this is being rectified as we speak, please be patient while I do the spring cleaning.

Edit: ok so, as it transpires there wasn't all that much to tend to. I am overjoyed to see that people went about their TAC's as per usual and no-one's been spamming the forum with ads. Well done all round. Anyway, should it become necessary, rest assured I am here and will resume regularly checking the forum.

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Re: I'm back, baby

Postby Levo » 2013-11-25, 22:55

Oszt' mikor jössz Magyarországra?

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