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ConBTG 3

Posted: 2017-12-07, 14:41
by aaakknu
I have found out about the previous games 1 and 2.
I don't know the results of those games, but I decided to create the next round.

1. The first person in the chain writes a text in his/her conlang and sends it to me and to the next person in the chain.
2. The next person translates the text into his/her own conlang and sends it to the next participant and so on.
3. In the email to the other person please include (in addition to the translated text): notes on grammar (can be in the form of an attachment if necessary) and a glossary/dictionary of the words used in the text.
4. In the email to me please include also the translation of the text into English.
5. You have 5 days to complete the text.
6. You must use your own conlang (Esperanto, Lojban etc. are not allowed).

Please sign up and write into what language(s) you want to translate.

Re: ConBTG 3

Posted: 2017-12-08, 23:50
by Dormouse559
I can participate with my romlang, Silvish.

Re: ConBTG 3

Posted: 2017-12-09, 7:49
by aaakknu
Dormouse559 wrote:I can participate with my romlang, Silvish.

Cool! Let's wait until somebody else joins.
Btw, maybe this thread should be moved to "Conlangs" forum?

Re: ConBTG 3

Posted: 2017-12-20, 21:30
by Ser
Let me participate with my conlang Araia. :)

Re: ConBTG 3

Posted: 2018-01-10, 4:34
by Ser
So, it looks like the three of us are the only conlangers on UniLang right now. Maybe not the best time to do a conlang BTG.

The CBB is currently organizing another conlang BTG. You guys could join~~

Re: ConBTG 3

Posted: 2018-01-11, 10:41
by kevin
It sounds fun, but I don't have anything presentable at the moment. The only language that would be complete enough to even try is the one from school times, and that one is... well, a bit embarrassing. :)