Alphabet container game [harder]

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Re: Alphabet container game [harder]

Postby TheStrayCat » 2015-10-26, 16:56

[flag=]mt[/flag] ambaxxata

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Re: Alphabet container game [harder]

Postby languagepotato » 2015-11-01, 8:19

[flag=]en[/flag] xylophone
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Re: Alphabet container game [harder]

Postby Irusia » 2016-06-25, 18:02

Здайся на Господа у твоїх справах, і задуми твої здійсняться. (Приповідки 16, 3)
Goals (until the end of August):
(en) (et) (es) C1 (tl) (pt-BR) B1
Kalaallisut Qırımtatar tili Karaj tili Leware kääñ (my conlang) Naña and Kumba (other conlangs)

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