Un juego de historias

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Un juego de historias

Postby millerkevinisaiah » 2012-01-10, 21:38

I think it would be fun to play a game where we tell a folk tale in that tale's native language (with an English translation) and the next poster has to relate the story to something another culture has similarities to. If you can't find a similar creature/event/story, feel free to introduce a new one (even Santa Clause or the Tooth Faerie count as folk lore, because each country tells the story differently more or less).
As an example:

First Poster: In America, we have Big Foot. He is primarily seen in wooded, foresty areas and is an ape that walks upright and is very human-like in mannerisms and appearance. He is rumored to be the missing link in the evolutionary chain between monkey and man.

Second Poster: In the Himalayas, there is the Yeti, a man-like ape rumored to stalk the mountainside, etc (but written in a language spoken in the Himalayan region, with the English translation below it).

To start:

(Forgive me if my Spanish isn't as smooth as it could be- feel free to let me know how to make it better! :) )

En México, vive un demonio se llamo el Cucuy. El Cucuy le gusta comer los niños que se portan mal. Su aparición es un misterio, pero se ha de afeitar dientes afilados y garras para desgarrar los niños separados. Si un niño no escucha a sus padres, el Cucuy vendrá en su dormir y comer como castigo.

In Mexico, there lives a demon named the Cucuy. The Cucuy likes to eat children who behave badly. Its appearance is a mystery, but it has razor sharp teeth and claws to tear children apart. If a child does not listen to his parents, the Cucuy will come in his sleep and eat him as punishment.
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Re: Un juego de historias

Postby MillMaths » 2012-01-13, 17:24

Nantwi bi redidi wɔ sare bi so. Saa sare yi bɛn atɛkyɛ bi a mpɔtorɔ ahyɛ mu ma ho. Mpɔtorɔ no huu no no, wɔn mu binom teɛɛm se: “Ako yi so ma ne ho baa no.” Saa a wɔkae pɛ, mpɔtorɔ no mu biako se: “Me de, metumi mahoman ayɛ sɛ nantwi yi.” Ɔkaa saa pɛ, na ofii ase homan ne ho na ɔhomange ara kosii sɛ ɔpaee.

A cow was grazing in a field of grass. This field was near a pond which was full of frogs. When the frogs saw him some of them exclaimed, “This fellow is extremely big.” Just as they said this, one of the frogs remarked, “I can blow myself up as big as this cow.” No sooner had he said it, than he began to blow himself up, and he went on blowing until he burst.

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Re: Un juego de historias

Postby Bernard » 2012-01-13, 17:46


[flag]la[/flag] Phaedrus 1, 24: Rana Rupta et Bos.

Inops, potentem dum vult imitari, perit.
In prato quondam rana conspexit bovem,
et tacta invidia tantae magnitudinis
rugosam inflavit pellem. Tum natos suos
interrogavit, an bove esset latior.
Illi negarunt. Rursus intendit cutem
maiore nisu, et simili quaesivit modo,
quis maior esset. Illi dixerunt 'bovem'.
Novissime indignata, dum vult validius
inflare sese, rupto iacuit corpore.

The Proud Frog (trans. C. Smart)

When poor men to expenses run,
And ape their betters, they 're undone.
An Ox the Frog a-grazing view'd,
And envying his magnitude,
She puffs her wrinkled skin, and tries
To vie with his enormous size:
Then asks her young to own at least
That she was bigger than the beast.
They answer, No. With might and main
She swells and strains, and swells again.
"Now for it, who has got the day ?"
The Ox is larger still, they say.
At length, with more and more ado,
She raged and puffed, and burst in two.

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Re: Un juego de historias

Postby Stanley_Ipkis » 2012-02-25, 14:19

Momotarow was a boy from a peach.
but the father still loved him

only this, sorry :(
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