The hardest language in the world by splitting

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The hardest language in the world by splitting

Postby Luna_Lovegood » 2011-08-14, 14:55

Why not split the disscussion on the hardest language into four smeagols?


What languages should be nominated?

I think maybe (beta version of my thoughs) that let's say

Navajo has hard pronuntiation, also Abkhaz, as Abkhaz is Kartvelian language, Causasian language are the first languages of humanity.
In Basque the word for ceiling is "cave's top", also it is said that humans originated in Causasus (not as they long believed n Africa).
Also Germanic langauges are very hard for Slavonics to pronunce.

Grammar- I don't know, maybe Polish, or Yugoslavian.

Also Mongolian is quite tricky.

and Arabic.

As for writting, maybe Yi, or some ideographic script as Nsibidi or Egyptian.
Chinese characters are bigger in number to Yi, but many of them are compounsds so it's easier to leared.

and vicabulary!
I don't knew.

maybe Chinese, so many words.

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Re: The hardest language in the world by splitting

Postby MillMaths » 2011-08-15, 9:36

For me:

    phonology – Polish
    grammar – Polish
    writing – Arabic
    vocabulary – German
These are only for the languages I've dabbled in so far. When I dabble in more languages, I may find more difficult languages for each category. ;)

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Re: The hardest language in the world by splitting

Postby モモンガ » 2011-08-16, 19:10

Hm, I am sorry, I should have posted it at the other category.
If someone can change the post's position, that would be good.

Hm, Arabic?
I think the alphabet is not so hard to learn.
Just the lack of vowels.
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