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UL Casino!

Postby Æxylis » 2011-05-13, 13:08

I thought of a neat idea to incorporate casino games into a forum style.

Basically the way this would work is depending on the type of game, we'd have a dealer or a game master or whatever that would run the game and whatever is secret to the others the dealer would pm to the players of the game while whatever's public will be displayed in the thread.

For example, somebody could host a texas hold 'em game and they could send out two 'cards' to each player and each person would be allotted a certain amount of 'points' by default. Then in the thread they would do the public part where they would display the new 'cards' and let people call, raise, fold, etc. Of course, the dealer would have to make a record of the cards he/she's given to each person so that if they do indeed win, they'd have a record to prove it.

Of course, we wouldn't be playing for actual money, but we could create some kind of odd incentives. For example, each person could specify a language that if they win, all the other players will have to use it or attempt to learn/use it for a set amount of time :D
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