La personne below de mí. de 4

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Re: La personne below de mí. de 4

Postby księżycowy » 2017-06-02, 12:05

Osias wrote:
france-eesti wrote:[flag=]en[/flag] I am never islistening to Madonna, except when I do fitness.

Just to help a bit more:
I personally would say, "I never listen to Madonna, except when I work out/exercise." "[D]o fitness" sounds unnatural. I also wouldn't use the present participle here either.

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Re: La personne below de mí. de 4

Postby Osias » 2017-06-02, 20:31

france-eesti wrote: Claro. Tinha 7 anos quando caiu!

france-eesti wrote:deveria cortar 10 ou 20 centímetros do meu cabelo?
2017 est l'année du (fr) et de l'(de) pour moi. Parle avec moi en eux, s'il te plait.

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