Could someone who speaks Frisian please help me with something :)

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Could someone who speaks Frisian please help me with something :)

Postby Ksiina » 2020-12-06, 1:13

Hello everyone! Is there anyone who speaks West Frisian as their mother tongue here? I really hope someone could help me with the following. I am a Finnish girl whose dear grandmother passed away this autumn. All our family miss her so much and we have been so sad as she was deeply loved by all of us. My step grandfather who is now alone lives in another city, and I came up with an idea for a Christmas gift for him that I need some help with. My grandfather is from Holland and his mother tongue is West Frisian although he has always only spoken Finnish to us and lived more than half of his life in Finland. My gift idea is to write nice sentences or messages (some in Finnish and some in West Frisian) to tea bags. He drinks tea everyday so I would write nice sentences to different teabags and put them inside a little gift box, so that he can read one comforting message each time he picks up a teabag and drinks tea. I am now trying to find someone who could help me with his gift and translate some sentences into West Frisian. Is there anyone here who could help? I would be so grateful even for a couple of sentences!<3 I think only with google translator the sentences might sound a bit weird.. I wish I could speak West Frisian and I am planning to start learning it.

The sentences are the following:
1Have a lovely day!
2 Lot´s of hugs!
3 We are all thankful for you
4 Every day may not be good... but there’s something good in every day.
5Don´t worry about things you cannot control
6 I am loved
7I will be kind to myself today
8 Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
8 Thank you for being you!
9 Have a cup of tea and relax
10 You are a treasure!

If these are too hard to translate you can also write something that you know people are used to say in West Frisian to someone who is grieving or just something nice and positive. It could also be a saying about the sea or boats, or some poem about the sea as he used to be a sea captain and he loves the sea.

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