My Frisian Recording

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My Frisian Recording

Postby Lenguas » 2011-05-31, 23:16

I recorded something in Frisian. Is it good?

EDIT: New and improved Frisian recording:

And here is something in Old Frisian:
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Re: My Frisian Recording

Postby Reinder » 2011-06-01, 7:33

Haha, the first part is what I wrote down, haha, so of course the modern Frisian is very understandable for me. Though I can't tell where the Old Frisian one is about, I can only understand a couple for words.
You do pronounce some words correctly, like the part: "ik wit net", that's very nicely pronounced. Although the vowel-clusters seem to be very hard for you. Nice recordings though.
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Re: My Frisian Recording

Postby Dminor » 2011-06-01, 14:07

Both pretty well done. :mrgreen: Have you read about Frisian pronunciation or did you just guess the phonetic values from the orthography?
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