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Postby Sandberg » 2009-08-21, 19:20

Having been utterly flabbergasted by Twarres' "Wêr bisto?", I felt compelled to find more music of the same sort :D What kind of music is sung in Frisian nowadays? What's good Frisian music?

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Re: Music

Postby yverish » 2009-09-14, 17:14

Another well known song in Frisian is "In Nije Dei" from the band "de Kast" (which doesn't exist anymore, yet there are rumours that there's a new album on its way):
De Kast - In Nije Dei

Some more funny stuff (Frisian punk rock) is made by bands like "Jitiizer" and "Strawelte":

Strawelte - De Mem Fan Doutzen
Jitiizer - Fryslân Boppe

Also very interesting; songs by Leonard Cohen translated into Frysk:
Nynke Laverman - Hallelujah (check out the related video's for other songs)

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Re: Music

Postby eduardrekker » 2009-10-08, 16:15

A big hit nowadays, even in the Dutch charts is: Die Twa - Famke fan myn dreamen. On YouTube: . I like it a lot.

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