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Language names in their own language

Posted: 2003-02-15, 19:53
by proycon
In cooperation with MediaGlyphs (, we present an extensive list of language names in english, french and the language itself.
Data from the "I don`t speak English" topic here has been used to get quite a lot of names already.
Upon clicking a language, you will get extensive information about it from ethnologue.

But there are still language names untranslated, so that`s what this topic is for! Check the list at and if you see a language name you can translate, then post it here or mail it to the mediaglyphs project.. Please mention the language code as well (ethnologue and/or iso).

Let me start this off by the translating the following:

FRI, Frisian = Frysk

Also, a little error correction, the language field show FR for Esperanto and Interlingua, it would be better to leave the field empty for these conlangs, since they belong to no country....

Posted: 2003-02-15, 21:34
by Saaropean
I've just written a mail to Giuseppe with several minor corrections of the French words and a few additions. :D