Social distancing

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Re: Social distancing

Postby Saim » 2020-05-21, 6:31

h34 wrote:It's interesting that Czech and Polish use a derivation of 'society' rather than a more literal translation of 'social' (socjalne < socjalny; sociální). Is it because similarly to German sozial, Polish socjalny can carry the notion of 'public-spirited' or '(acting) socially responsible, in a socially responsible manner'?

Yes, the connotation is different, but I would say it has more to do with social welfare and social spending (by the state) than acting in a socially responsible or conscientious manner.

Here's how the way SJP PWN defines it:

1. «dotyczący społeczeństwa»
"Having to do with society."
2. «związany z zaspokojeniem potrzeb materialnych i bytowych członków społeczeństwa»
"Having to do with satisfying the material needs of the members of society.-

I don't believe I've ever really heard it used in sense 1, though, while sense 2 is very common in Polish political discourse and in certain bureaucratic categories (polityka socjalna - welfare politics; minimum socjalne - poverty line, subsistence level; pracownik socjalny - social worker; fundusz socjalny - social fund; budżet socjalny - social welfare budget; mieszkalnictwo socjalne - public housing).

But even then, IMO at least in German the idea of social responsibly makes sense in this context: acting responsibly by allowing others some additional space

It might make sense, but is it what it means? The social in social distancing refers to social contact and not conscientiousness; i.e. kontakt społeczny in Polish.

Adding Serbian

(en) social distancing
(de) soziale Distanzierung
(is) samskiptafjarlægð
(no) sosial distansering

(es) distanciamiento social
(fr) distanciation sociale
(it) distanziamento sociale
(ca) distanciament social

(cs) společenský odstup :?:
(pl) dystansowanie społeczne
(ru) социальное дистанцирование
(ru) socijalno distanciranje, društveno udaljavanje, društveno distanciranje, socijalna distanca, fizičko udaljavanje

(ku) mesafeya civakî

(el) κοινωνική αποστασιοποίηση

(et) sotsiaalne distantseerumine
(fi) sosiaalinen etäisyys

(zh) 保持社交距離 :?:

(th) การรักษาระยะห่างทางสังคม :?:

(tr) sosyal mesafe

(ka) სოციალური დისტანცირება[/quote]

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