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Many native-tongue videos need English subtitles

Posted: 2019-08-04, 15:08
by Myrtonos
If English is not a vlogger's native language, then videos in their native language are what I like to call native tongue videos. And a lot of these videos need English subtitles to increase their reach and maybe increase the subscriber base of those vloggers.

Here are some German-language channels to check out:
There are many more but I couldn't be bothered listing any more.

Of course, this doesn't just concern videos in German but also in many smaller languages with fewer speakers such as Dutch and the Scandinavian languages.

Re: Many native-tongue videos need English subtitles

Posted: 2019-08-22, 13:40
by Myrtonos
Is there anyone here willing to translate or at least help out with translating these videos?

There is also this channel called Foxy Draws, and while some videos there already have English subtitles, there is one (where she draws Jette as Top model) where the "English subtitles" don't show any text, and I can't even edit them.
A lot of videos on that channel are voice-over videos, so the way to go may well be for someone to rerecord the voiceover in English.