"bat" (etymological)

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Re: "bat" (etymological)

Postby linguoboy » 2018-01-21, 21:38

enricmm wrote:What?! Pinyat doesn't come from pinya?! My whole life is a lie!

If it makes you feel better, pinyata is still derived from pinea!
"Richmond is a real scholar; Owen just learns languages because he can't bear not to know what other people are saying."--Margaret Lattimore on her two sons

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Re: "bat" (etymological)

Postby IpseDixit » 2018-01-21, 21:56

Friulian, Piedmontese, Cimbrian, Sicilian, Corsican, Ligurian (and trying to improve readability)


"blind mouse/rat"
Catalan: muricec
Galician: morcego
Spanish: murciélago

"bald mouse/rat"
French: chauve-souris

"bare/naked mouse"
Hill Mari: цäрäгаля
Meadow Mari: чараголя

Cimbrian: fluttarmaus
German: Fledermaus
Norwegian: flaggermus
Swedish: fladdermus

"flying mouse/rat"
Piedmontese: ratavolòira
Chinese: 飛鼠
Japanese: 飛鼠
Russian: летучая мышь
Northern Saami: girdisáhpán
Skolt Saami: ki'rddisä'ppli

"night mouse/rat"
Livonian: īeīr
Meadow Mari: йӱдколя

Estonian: nahkhiir
Hungarian: bőregér

"winged/feathered mouse/rat"
Catalan: ratpenat, ratapinyada
Dutch: vleermuis
Komi (Zyrian): бордъя шыр
Corsican: topu pinnutu
Ligurian: ratti penughi

Basque: saguzar "old mouse"
English: reremouse "shaking mouse"
Korean: 박쥐 "bright[-eyed] mouse/rat"
Rumantsch Grischun: utschè mezmieur ("half-mouse bird")


Icelandic: leðurblaka "leather flapper"

"leather/skin butterfly"
Armenian (dial.): մաշկաթիթեռ
Erzya: кедь нимиляв

"leather/skin wing"
Cornish: askel groghen
Inari Saami: nähkisuájá
Irish: sciathán leathair
Lakota: ȟupáwakilakela
Latvian: sikspārnis
Lithuanian: šikšnosparnis
Old Armenian: մաշկաթեւ


"night" + der. suffix
Friulian: gnotul
Georgian: ღამურა
Greek: νυκτερίς ("night-AGENT-FEM"), mod. νυχτερίδα
Ladin (Fascian): nétola
Latin: vespertīliō (> Italian: pipistrello)
Sicilian: taddarita (from Ancient Greek νυκτερίς)
Yup'ik: unuir(aq)

"night flyer"
Proto-Slavic (and descendants): netopyrjь
Rumantsch (Surs., Surm.): sgolanotg

Cypriot Greek: νυχτοπάππαρος (lit. "night-horse", a fruit-bat)

Maltese: farfett il-lejl ("night-butterfly")

Meadow Mari: водывычыраҥге (approx. "evening swallow")

Persian: شب‌کو "night-blind"

Võro: üü:sisas ("night nightingale, night bird")


Arabic: خفاش "blind one"
Cayuga: adrá’wisda’ (based on the stem -(ra)hwisd(a)- "a thin slice of something")
English: bat "flapper"
Lushootseed: qəbqəbáyus (based on qəbəlíd "roll it up")
Osage: žą́ąhpaɣe ("tree" + ?)
Seneca: óä́wisda’ "peeling"


Chinese: 蝙蝠
Hmong: puav[/quote]
Old Irish (and descendants): íaltóc
Old Turkic (and descendants): yarısa
Proto-Turkic (and descendants): *jar (“bat”) + *Kājnat (“wing”)
Thai: ค้างคาว ("remain-stinking"?)

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