I've changed my mind

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Re: I've changed my mind

Postby Multiturquoise » 2019-07-04, 21:23

Icelandic, Persian

(en) I've changed my mind
(de) Ich hab's mir anders überlegt (I've considered it differently)
(is) Ég skipti um skoðun (I exchanged for an opinion)
(sv) Jag har ändrat mig (I have changed me)
(sv) Je 'a ene' me (Värmlandic)

(ca) He canviat d'opinió. / He canviat de parer. (I've changed of opinion)
(fr) J'ai changé d'avis (I've changed my opinion)
(it) Ho cambiato idea (I've changed idea)
(la) Sententiam mutavi (I have changed my opinion)
(pt-br) Mudei de ideia (I've changed of idea)
(es) Cambié de idea (I changed of idea), Cambié de parecer (I changed of opinion)
(ro) M-am răzgândit (I've rethought)

(cy) Dw i wedi newid 'y meddwl (I've changed my mind/thought)
(ga) Tháinig athrú intinne orm (A change of mind came over me)/D’athraigh mé m'intinn (I changed my mind)/Rinne mé athchomhairle (I made a second counsel)

(pl) Zmieniłem zdanie (I've changed my opinion)
(ru) Я передумал (I thought it through; I thought more about it)
(sl) Sem se predomislil (I thought it through) :?:
(cs) Rozmyslel jsem si to. ( I thought it through)
(sk) Rozmyslel som si to. (”)

(el) Άλλαξα γνώμη. (I changed opinion)

(fa) عقیده‌ام را عوض کرده‌ام. (I've changed my opinion)

(hu) Meggondoltam magamat (I thought myself) :?:

שיניתי את דעתי. (I changed my opinion)

(tr) Fikrimi değiştirdim (I've changed my opinion)

(et) Mõtlesin ümber (I thought around), Muutsin meelt (I changed mind), Muutsin oma arvamust (I changed my opinion)
(vro) Ma muutsõ umma miilt (I changed my mind), Ma muutsõ umma arvamist (I changed my opinion), Ma märge ümbre (I thought around)

(ja) 気が変わる ([My] mind has changed)
(ko) 내가 내 마음을 변경했세요 (I changed my heart)

(zh) 我改變主意了/我改變想法了 (I changed idea)

(ka) გადავიფიქრე (I thought over it)

(id) Aku mengubah pikiranku.

Hmong Daw (hmn) Kuv hloov siab (I modified liver), Kuv fav xeeb (I turned around liver), Kuv ntxees siab (I turned over liver)
Hmong Njua (hmn) Kuv hloov sab (I modified liver), Kuv ntxees sab (I turned over liver)

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