Turkish and Russian : Sounds of the World

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Turkish and Russian : Sounds of the World

Postby Strigo » 2003-12-14, 14:49


I was visiting this amazing project and I realized there're not Russian and Turkish varsion, and I know there're a lot of people who speak them.

So, I ask you to Turkish and Russian native speakers to record and translate the text below into your language :

Hi friends!

Welcome to the new UniLang project, called "Sounds of the World". This project consists of the recording of a small piece of text (that which you are listening to now) with the intention to present the sound of each language to language students, because we believe strongly in the importance of a good pronunciation to make communication in a foreign language possible. Perhaps you encounter sounds here which don't represent those you have already learned. But don't worry! This is because of the dialects that each language has. It's always favourable to hear a native person speak, isn't it? We hope you find this project useful in your learning.


Listen to the text!
This text was made by (your name) from (your country).

That'd help a lot!

Thanks in advance,
Carlos Reyes

Project Sounds of the World
Aquí es donde traduzco diariamente música israelí del hebreo al español

[flag]cl[/flag] native; [flag]en[/flag] fluent; [flag]il[/flag] lower advanced ; [flag]pt-BR[/flag] read fluently, understand well, speak not so badly (specially after some Itaipava); recently focusing on [flag]sv[/flag][flag]ar[/flag] and I promised myself to finish my [flag]ru[/flag] New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners in less than a month (12/oct/2013). Wants to wake up one day speaking [flag]ka[/flag][flag]lt[/flag] and any Turkic language.

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Postby Lada » 2003-12-14, 17:31

Strigo wrote:So, I ask you to Turkish and Russian native speakers to record and translate the text below into your language

unfortunately i don't have a microphone, but here is the translation:

Привет друзья!

Добро пожаловать на новый проект УниЛанга "Звуки мира". Данный проект состоит из записи небольшого текста (который Вы слушаете в настоящее время), целью которого является представить звучание каждого языка студентам-лингвистам, так как мы твёрдо верим в важность хорошего произношения для возможного общения на исностранном языке. Возможно, здесь Вы обнаружите звуки, которые не соответствуют тем, что Вы уже выучили. Но не стоит волноваться! Это же из-за диалектов, которые существуют в каждом языке. Ведь всегда гораздо лучше слышать, как говорит носитель языка, не правда ли? Мы надеемся, что этот проект будет Вам полезен в Вашей учёбе.

До свидания!

I ll look what i can do for recording this - i ll try! :)

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Postby Starian » 2003-12-14, 18:57

Carlos te me adelantaste!!! jejeje bueno de hecho no. Le pedi a los rusos de mi escuela que me escribieran eso y que me lo grabaran. Lo iban a hacer el martes, pero ahora sólo lo grabarán... Tal vez consiga que lo grabe el consul de Rusia en Venezuela :D jijiji

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