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French sounds of the world section

Postby gash » 2003-08-04, 18:00

I am English. I live in France and have been living here for 7 years.

I've come to realise how low the general level of spelling is in France, but to find mistakes on a site like this really surprised me. I'd gladly correct the mistakes if anyone pays attention to this post...

That kind of thing would make people worry about any other language they might try to learn here...

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Postby Luís » 2003-08-04, 20:07

Go ahead...
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Postby Faith » 2003-08-11, 9:08

yeah gash go ahead i need to have the correct ones.
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Postby proycon » 2003-08-11, 9:26

You can find all translations and edit them on
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Postby Emandir » 2003-08-12, 12:25

Proycon a écrit :
You can find all translations and edit them on

And then?


P.S. Silly me! Forget it!
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