Book recommendation? German frequency dictionary

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Book recommendation? German frequency dictionary

Postby Ahendu » 2021-01-10, 16:46

Im in doubt about two books,

Helen Eaton - German, English, Spanish, French frequency dictionary
Routledge German frequency dictionary

Anyone knows Helen Eaton book? In the case i would use It only for German, but my friends could use it for other languages.

Anyone have used this kind of book before?

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Re: Book recommendation? German frequency dictionary

Postby schnaz » 2021-02-11, 17:32

I do have a frequency dictionary for Chinese by Yong Ho; your post has reminded me to use it more often.
Am un dicționar de frecvențe pentru chineză de Yong Ho; postarea ta mi-a amintit să o folosesc mai des.
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