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Etymological Dictionary

Postby lorenaustin » 2020-03-10, 3:04

Good day,

Does anybody know about online Indo-European Etymological dictionary ?

Thank you

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Re: Etymological Dictionary

Postby Ser » 2020-03-11, 0:25

Wiktionary is pretty good quite often. Have a look at the page listing Proto-Indo-European lemmas, the lists of English words grouped by PIE root, and the list of English words descending from Proto-Germanic.

You may also enjoy Samantha McCabe's summary of the Proto-Indo-European lexicon, hosted at She originally made it for conlangers who make imaginary languages out of PIE, but it can be used for general learning too. It comes in several relevant files:
- the original file in the old Microsoft Excel format (.xls), still readable in today's Excel
- Google Drive Spreadsheet alternative version, can be read online without hassle
- PDF alternative version (comes inside a .zip file)
- accompanying README file, listing the main sources used

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Re: Etymological Dictionary

Postby Vlürch » 2020-04-02, 17:30

Starostin's site has Indo-European etymologies, along with a bunch of other language families. You can just ignore the stuff you consider crackpottery, assuming you don't believe in Nostratic and whatnot.

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