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Etymological Dictionary

Postby poseidon97 » 2020-02-06, 13:37

Types of vacuum cleaners for beginners

We all know that a vacuum cleaner is one of the essential appliances for the household. However, have you ever struggled with the enormous number of vacuum cleaners available on the market nowadays? All brands advertise that their products are the best vacuum cleaner brands Image, but you do not know whether they meet your demand or not. Don’t worry; we are here to solve this problem. This article will show you the most basic types of vacuum cleaners available on the marketplace recently to choose what is the best vacuum cleaner for your family.

Basic types of vacuum cleaners

Each vacuum works differently, and it is specialized for varied surface types and modes of operation. Based on how they perform, there are five primary types that received good vacuum cleaner ratings from consumers.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

As they are called, this type of vacuum is held by hands, and they are specialized for tight spaces or areas that are difficult to reach, such as seats, under the pillow and car engine, etc. handheld vacuums are most used in the private room with many tiny spaces.


Canister vacuums

This is a type of vacuum that is used in large places. They come in various sizes and weights, but in general, making them popular among consumers is their portability and convenience of use. They can also work well in different surface types, such as hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery. If you live in a multiple floors house, this type of vacuum would be the best choice for you.

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums are always the most preferred and favored by users due to the ease of use. This device is designed to stand in an upright position, and it works best with several surface types such as carpet and hardwood floors.


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Stick vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum can come in different models, such as corded or cordless stick vacuum. Stick vacuums are also suitable for tight and narrow spaces like handheld vacuums, yet they are more specialized for bare, hard floors, and rugs carpets. If you are a pet owner and pet hair is your concern, this type of vacuum could be your best choice.

Robot vacuum

Born with a mission of serving busy families, a robot vacuum is always the best friend of households that do not have much time to clean. Using an automatic motor with navigation roams freely on floors and sucks up every dirt and dust left in your house.


Different types of vacuums (corded or cordless vacuums)

Another different way to divide types of vacuums is based on their power cord. In general, there are two types of vacuums on the market: corded vacuums and cordless vacuums. Don’t be confused at this point; you can totally consider it a feature of your vacuum. When looking for your Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner Image, you can look up one of the five basic types above, then see whether they have a power cord or not.

Users favor cordless vacuums since they are so convenient and light compared to other types of vacuums. However, one disadvantage of cordless vacuums is that they have limited dust capacity and short battery life; thus, they are more suitable for cleaning tight spaces. Therefore, if you are looking for a device that can clean the whole house, you should consider corded vacuum cleaners. A survey was conducted that showed that cordless vacuum cleaners eliminate 41% of the dirt of cordless vacuum cleaners compared to 70% for corded ones.


Above are most types of vacuums available on the market recently. There are still other different divisions based on the bagging system, for example. However, after reading this article, we hope you can understand some basic types of vacuum cleaners and choose your family's best one.
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Sanna Lys
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Re: Etymological Dictionary

Postby Sanna Lys » 2020-04-03, 16:27

I am very intressed at etymonolgy. You can search on Wiktionary and it exist a indo-european Etymological Dictionary here on this homeside.
I also make a conlang called southlandic here´s the sentence in southlandic:
Jåg år veltnig interessered åv etymålågi. Du kan söke på Wiktionary å det finnes en indo-europeisk etymålågisk vårdbåk her på denne hemside.
[sv] native language and scanian is my dialect. I can understand norweagian and danish good. Faroese and icelandic a bit of. I study German and English in school. I am learning myself dutch. English can speak quite good

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